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Top 10 Best Socket Sets in 2019 Reviews

Selecting the best socket sets require a care decision making and a wise buyer’s perspective. If you are the consumer, you want to purchase a socket set that is not only affordable but will also meet your needs.

Here are the Best Socket Sets in 2019 Reviews, you should not miss out in your shopping:

1. Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser Etched 69-Piece Socket Set

Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser

This socket set is one of the best tools to acquire to high quality 69-piece that meets the Ansi Standards. The max-design provides a 15% torque that is reliable for usage. The black crimson provides an effective no corrosion feature together with the convenient tool storage it has. This socket set has passed the ANSI and has a lifetime warranty for consumers.

Despite the high quality design, the socket set would not entirely match the expectation of other consumers in terms of the pieces include on the set.

2. Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser Etched Set, 99 Piece

Stanley 92-839 Black

This product would provide a convenient tool storage just like the previous Stanley socket sets. The black chrome provides a sharper look and resistance to corrosion. With the ANSI standards together with the lifetime warranty under it, this socket set provides a comfortable consumer use.

The 99 piece socket of this socket would acquire a modification due to the some pieces could not be fully needed by the consumers.

3. TEKTON 13101 3/8 Inch Drive Socket Set, Inch/Metric, 6 Point, 5/16 inch- 3/4 inch, 8mm-19mm, 45 Piece

TEKTON 13101 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set

The different measurements provide a comfort and convenience to any client. This has a universal joint and an extension and tools not found in other socket sets. The high torque provides an effective use most of the time.
Some clients would have a hard time in securing the case due to the material used in it. The 45 piece might not match the desire of some consumers due to small quantity.

4. BOSTITCH BTMT2287 Pass Through Socket Set, 65 Piece


The heavy-duty ratchet with 72 gear system and pass through design makes it effective in any usage. This has a ratchet handle, rubber cap and chrome vanadium steel construction that sets for the easy usage of the socket set. The durable stamped size markings will provide you with a no worry free in your daily socket use.

The design and the handle might provide inconvenience to the other users of the rocket set because this might not match their preference. Aside from these, the markings could add to discomfort after a long hours use.

5. Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket Set

Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket Set

Together with the durability and torque strength, the precise bits provide the desired size you want. This could be a good advantage in using the tool in your home. The fastener and bits work to provide a good quality use.

Some users might have a problem with the turning process of the sockets leading to a slow work and problem in performing other functions of the socket. The materials might provide effects to the consumers.

6. 69 Pieces-EPAuto 1/4” and 3/8” Drive Socket Set with Pear Head Ratchet, Chrome (92-824)

69 Pieces - EPAuto

The Chrome Vanadium Steel alloy provides a high durability that consumers would love to have. The chrome plated and mirror plated provides an anti-corrosion result. It also has an easy storage feature that has a study plastic in it. The English and Metric sizes are included in the package.

The 69 pieces might be great for use but it would provide a slow process in terms of the turning and other functions used. Aside from this, the metal would have effects in the end of usage.

7. 40 Pieces – EPAuto 1/4” & 3/8” Drive Socket Set with Reversible Ratchet

40 Pieces - EPAuto

If you are looking for the finest features presented together with the right usage. This socket set would certainly meet your needs. The sturdy plastic storage provides you an effective keeping of the sockets. The durability and strength of the sockets used determine the effectiveness of the product. The lifetime warranty adds to this amazing feature.

Despite the high quality features, this would add an extra effort to the usage of the consumer. The design on the other hand, would not suit other consumer work and functions.

8. GearWrench 84916N SAE/Metric 3/8″ Drive Impact Socket Set (44 Piece)

GearWrench 84916N SAE/Metric

The Surface Technology Reducer Fastener Rounding is proper in any consumer use. The alloy steel makes a perfect material for adding strength and durability. The black phosphate coating would create a corrosion resistance effect. The highly visible etched marks would provide a clear usage all the time.

The design and markings are great but the torque and turning process are not mentioned. This would make any consumer distracted in using the socket set. The Surface Drive Technology would not be ideal at some point.

9. Stanley 92-804 30 Piece Socket Set

Stanley 92-804 30 Piece Socket Set

Featuring the two effective sockets, this Stanley socket meets the desired product function and provides a large customer satisfaction. This has passed the ANSI specifications that made this safe for the preferred kind of usage. The release buttons makes the release of the sockets easy and fast. The rubber material would provide a comfortable grip for the user.

The features are great however, the limited lifetime warranty should have been provided as a lifetime warranty. The design and durability might not match some of you wants.

10. Neiko 02443A Complete 3/8” and 1/2” Drive Impact Socket Set, CR-V Steel | SAE & Metric | Deep & Shallow | 38-Piece Set

Neiko 02443A Complete

The steel alloy it has provide an excellent use and functions. The black electroplate finish would prevent the damage caused by corrosion to exist. The all sockets and accessories would provide a sure way of using the product. The built in drive design makes it effective for use together with the customized handle of the socket case.

This might be one of the best sockets out there. However, a consumer who has no clear Information about sockets would have the difficulty of using it. Over all, the socket cases are still an excellent product.

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