Top 10 Best Soda Machines in 2017 Reviews

Soda machines are vital kitchen appliances designed for soda die-hards who would hardly go a few hours without a soda drink or two. By now, you must have come across a soda maker in one, if not two modern homes. With the need to prepare soda at the comfort of your home, the idea of owning a soda machine might have interested you. However, the demanding task lies in identifying the perfect soda maker for your household. Where exactly do you start, bearing in mind that hundreds of different soda machines by various manufacturers are now available on the market? Well, cheer up for we are here to help.

We have taken our time to conduct an extensive research and test most of the available soda machines on the market. Eventually, we managed to narrow our pick list to the top ten best soda machines in 2017. Without further ado, let’s get to see what the top ten best soda machines have to offer.

Special takeaway:

Benefits of owning a soda machine at home:

  •  Control your health- Decide the amount of sugar, carbon, and other elements in your soda.
  •  Enjoy various varieties- With a soda machine, you can prepare any soda taste that you crave at the comfort of your home.
  •  Care for the environment- Say no to the reckless disposal of soda cans and bottles bought at your local store. With a soda machine, you will only have a glass to clean and nothing to dispose of.
  •  Bring your kitchen to life.
  •  Save some pennies- Say no more to extortion at your local store by making your soda at home. Being economical is no longer a choice in the modern world.

10. SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker


Sodastream is the Company behind the making of this amazing soda machine. This appliance comes to let you convert the standard water into tasty fresh sparkling water or soda in just a few seconds. What’s more, it allows you to make your choice from over 60 natural soda mix varieties which contain no aspartame or high amounts of fructose corn syrup. With this soda maker, you can prepare about 12 liters of great-tasting soda from just one bottle of soda mix. Moreover, this soda machine requires no electricity to get the job done. You will appreciate its efficiency as well as durability as it’s professionally developed to last long.


9. KitchenAid KSS1121CU Sparkling Beverage Maker


Are you looking for a soda machine that will add on to your kitchen’s appeal? Then, look not beyond this fantastic product from the KitchenAid manufacturing. It features a premium-quality die cast metallic housing which makes it appealing. Its carbonation lever, which you will need most to prepare drinks, comes with a soft-grip handle for comfortable utilization. What’s interesting about this soda machine is that it works perfectly with all SodaStream products and will help you prepare over 60 different soda flavors. Upon purchase, apart from the machine, you will also receive a 60L CO2 tank, a starter pack of 3 soda flavors, and 1L reusable bottle (BPA-free).


8. Sodastream Dynamo LX Home Soda Maker


Enjoy a cold soda drink whenever you want with this high-quality soda maker from the SodaStream manufacturing. No electricity? No problem. This soda machine is designed to work with both batteries and electricity for maximum convenience. Apart from the soda machine, you also get other essentials for free including a 130L CO2 carbonator, 12-flavor taste sampler, and 2*1L carbonating bottles. Begin to turn your tap water into soda within seconds with the help of this top-notch performance tool. A lifetime warranty is also provided on this soda machine by the manufacturer as a sign of confidence in the quality of their produce.


7. DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker


Just from its look, one can tell that this soda machine from Drink mate ranks in its class regarding performance. What’s astonishing and at the same time fantastic about this soda machine is that it has the power to carbonate any liquid. Again, its excellent design includes two release buttons and a patented, removable fizz infuser for easy and accurate control while releasing CO2. Furthermore, this soda maker is easy to operate as it requires no batteries or electricity to get the job done. The included quick-connect bottle is BPA-free and features volume marks to ensure you prepare your preferred soda volume. Feel free to utilize this soda machine as many times as you may wish as it is easy to clean and maintain as new.





This is just another soda machine that comes to let you turn tap water into great-tasting soda easily and quickly. It gives you the freedom to prepare more than 30 soda flavors at the touch of a button and at home. It’s top notch performance ensures no mess is created throughout its operations thereby necessitating no clean up after use. Its crystal clear finish makes it appealing, therefore, a sure bet in elevating the look of your kitchen. After purchase, you also get one reusable glass carafe and one CO2 carbonator as bonus. The elegance and excellent performance of this soda machine make it an ideal gift to a friend or relative.


5. SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker


Say no more to buying carbonated drinks with this amazing soda machine that lets you prepare your soda at home, office, camping site, to mention but a few areas. It comes with a robust, but manageable-press carbonating bottle which lets you control the amount of CO2 that whooshes into your drink. With this soda maker, you will be sure to add only your preferred amount of carbon to your drink thanks to its carbonation level indicator. You will love preparing carbonated drinks for your family or friends. It’s available in two different colors including red and black//silver.


4. SodaStream Play Soda Maker


Whenever you crave sparkling water or great-tasting soda, the SodaStream Play soda maker should come to your mind. It’s a smart starter pack for soda and carbonated water enthusiasts; that lets you learn the art of carbonation step by step. Operating this soda machine is as easy as ABC. It features an automated slider and an easy snap-lock bottle insertion for easy operations. Apart from the machine, this starter pack also includes a one-liter carbonating bottle, six flavor samples, and 15-liter starter carbonator. Its red theme makes it attractive and will improve your love for soda.


3. SodaStream JET Titan Silver Starter Kit


This is just another starter kit by SodaStream that aims at elevating your love for soda by a significant degree. It includes a top notch performance soda machine, 1 BPA-free bottle and 1*60L carbonator. Save the cost of buying soda or seltzer and start making your healthy drinks at home at a cheaper cost. From the love that this soda making starter kit continues to receive on the market, one can tell that it performs beyond its core purpose. You could try it today and grow your love for carbonated drinks a hundred fold.


2. SodaStream 1018111017 Fizz Home Soda Maker


Get a chance to enjoy uniquely made, great-tasting seltzer or sparkling water in just a few seconds with the use of this stunning soda machine. Also, contribute to protecting and preserving the environment by reducing plastic bottle disposal. The purchased package also includes a BPA-free carbonating bottle, syrup sampler pack, and a 60L CO2 carbonator. The machine features the Fizz chip which gauges and displays the CO2 level in your drink for excellent and accurate carbonation. This soda maker is extremely easy to use and leaves no mess after utilization. You are free to prepare basic sparkling water or flavored tonic water with this soda maker.


1. KitchenAid Empire Red Sparkling Beverage Maker-Best of Soda Machines

Best of Soda Machineskitchenaid-empire-red-sparkling-beverage-maker

This soda machine is developed by KitchenAid in conjunction with SodaStream. It features a red theme which makes it appealing and attractive. Its wipe clean outer shell makes it extremely easy to clean after use. It comes at a convenient size measuring 13.7”*21.4”*12.6” for easy portability. Also included in the package is a 1L BPA-free reusable bottle, a 60L CO2 tank, and a SodaStream 3-flavor starter pack. Purchase this soda machine with confidence as it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Its all-metal construction makes it durable and will not disappoint your efforts to make your soda anywhere and at any time.


The reviewed top ten best soda machines in 2017 are products you can trust. They are the best soda makers that we have on the market so far. You have the right to choose your preferred product from this list. Go for a high-quality product that will serve you infinitely with no disappointment whatsoever. Begin to enjoy great-tasting soda at home.
All the best!

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