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Women who have chosen to defer motherhood often need affirmation of their choices from other women who have been through it all. Motherhood is a major responsibility and some women (rightly) believe that it would be irresponsible for them to have a child before they are ready. However, society can put a lot of pressure on women to have children, so they can benefit greatly in having a place where they can breathe and relax. Consider this blog as that place. There are no pressures here; just a forum to make “small talk.” We have a whole array of topics from frozen yogurt to business ideas but don’t let that limit you. Feel free to browse, vent, comment and suggest. After all, the world is your oyster; let’s go find some pearls! Check this out!

‘Ware the Mirena IUD Device

We know we said we’d be relaxing here, but we thought it wise to give you a head’s up: birth control pills are not the only things you have to be worried about. Remember all that hullaballoo about those 4th generation combination oral contraceptives Yaz and Yasmin that caused serious blood clots? Hopefully, you didn’t have first-hand experience with the side effects; if you have, you should go see a product liability lawyer.

If you’re considering IUDs (intrauterine device), you should know that Mirena IUDs are getting a lot of attention in the US because there are quite a few claims that it moves! Sometimes it moves and disappears, and no one knows where it is until it punctures the uterus or causes some other havoc.

For those of you who may not be familiar with IUDs, it’s a contraceptive T-shaped device that is inserted into the uterus by a doctor or nurse. You don’t have to worry about remembering to take your pill or changing your sponge or whatever because it works for a prolonged period without attention (Mirena IUD is supposed to work for 5 years). It seems like a great concept, especially for busy working women and dizzy teenagers, but it isn’t all roses.

There are enough women complaining about the same things about Mirena IUD that it has been transferred to what is called multidistrict litigation. Basically, it means people from all over the US who have filed a civil lawsuit against the same defendant/s get together and get their cases heard together. It saves a lot of time, but each plaintiff still gets an individual verdict.

Okay, that may be too much information. What is important is if you are considering having a Mirena IUD inserted into your uterus, you might want to rethink that. There are other options anyway.

Well, enough of that. How about a healthy snack? Check this out!

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Making the Most of Your Site with Affiliate Marketing

One of the most important things for most people is affirmation. This is why social networking is so popular; people have a need to be acknowledged and recognized. That is also the reason behind the popularity of blogs. In most cases, these are things people do with no thought of getting anything back but recognition. But you can make money from blogs without compromising the integrity of the site or much effort, and that is through affiliate marketing.

Let’s say that you have a blog about pregnancy and you have a section on how to lose weight after giving birth. In addition to your tips and advice, you could also have links to websites about the health benefits of yogurt, or to a recipe site featuring weight loss with yogurt. You probably do this anyway, but it would work equally well if you place links from your affiliates. Visit this site to know more.

Affiliate marketing is basically motivating site owners to put links to another site, product or service that they want to promote in exchange for commissions for visitors that click on the link and do the desired action such as registering on the site, answering a survey, or making a purchase. As a blog site owner, you can choose affiliates that are relevant to what you are trying to say on your own site. By doing this, you not only provide an added service to your visitors but also increase the value of your site as a credible resource and a profitable one.

There is no downside to affiliate marketing if you exercise discretion in choosing the programs you join. Stay away from dubious-looking websites and products or services that sound bogus to you. Also avoid affiliate marketing programs that are not relevant to what you are trying to do. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make the most of your site by letting you earn some income while keeping your site relevant.

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