The Advantages Of Steel Pipe Construction

Not many people are aware of the use of steel tubing and steel pipe in building and fence construction. When the average person thinks of construction, they invariably think of either wood framing for homes and barns or steel girders for commercial and office buildings. The plain fact is that there are numerous materials and construction methods which are employed in building a wide variety of structures. Whatever is useful can be utilized for a wide range of purposes and that includes the use of steel tubing for construction projects.

Why use steel tubes? The obvious answer: steel tubing structures can last almost indefinitely. Steel tubing is not subject to attack from termites and other wood-boring insects or wood rot and is virtually fireproof. Reinforced with concrete, a steel tube structure can also withstand very high winds far better than conventional structures are capable of. Piping will not deform in the face of shear forces from tornado gusts. There is the possibility of rust and other forms of metal corrosion, but pre-treatment and corrosion resistant coatings applied to the surfaces can guard against that risk. All in all, steel tube structures can be said to be nearly indestructible.

Steel tube is also easy to assemble in a building construction. Pipes and tubes can be welded together in minutes. By using post-frame construction methods, a whole large structure such as a barn or a storage building can be erected with a minimum of components while affording a remarkable degree of structural strength. Such buildings also offer large open internal spaces with no support posts interfering with movement or the placement of internal wall sections to allow the property owner to configure the interior in whatever form he or she wishes.

The versatility of steel pipe and tubing is considerable. The horse rancher, cattle rancher or farmer can build any number of sheltering and storage buildings for their livestock and equipment for relatively low cost and effort. And the resulting buildings will prove far more durable over the stretch of decades. Tubing and sucker rods are also ideal for fence construction. They not only are far more durable than ordinary wood fencing but more humane as they do the same job as barbed wire but with no chance of injury to livestock from the barbs. So farmers and ranchers have every reason to consider steel as their material of choice for any construction.

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