Top 10 Best Adjustable Benches in 2017 Reviews

An adjustable bench is a vital equipment when working out. Adjustable benches are versatile thus they give options for several exercises. As a result, in case you would like to get the most out of your workouts, then it is necessary for you to buy the right type of bench. There are many factors to be considered when buying these benches. These factors include safety of the adjustable bench as well as comfortably. The weight that you intend to lift and type of exercise are also major considerations. However, the most important factor is its stability. You have to look for a well-built and solid bench that will be capable of maintaining its durability. Here are the top 10 best adjustable benches in 2017 reviews:

10. Bowflex Select-Tech 5.1 Adjustable Bench


Covered by a 30-year warranty on the frame, this is an extremely durable and easy-to-adjust bench that functions well for both women and men. You can set it up in a matter of minutes and adjust to six positions—including the 90-degrees incline and 17-degrees decline. This bench also features the hold down leg braces which are removable. These braces offer extra support when you lift the weight. The bench also provides stabilized positioning and it is made of great quality components/materials.

9. Universal 5-Position Weight Bench


In case you need a great, premium grade adjustable bench for your home gym, one that’s ideal for challenging your upper/core body while working out, then this 5-position bench might be your perfect option. It’s easily adjustable, features a firm and special contoured design, and also has stabilizer levelers to prevent it from tipping or slipping on any type of floor. It has a 250-pound user weight capacity and a 430-pound lift capacity.

8. York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench


With the over-sized steel frame that’s tubular, padded bench press that is ideal for cushioning and the excellent foldable design which allows for portability and easier storage, the York Barbell is a high-quality adjustable bench that is made for heavy duty training. The bench is space-efficient and affordable. It also works in both flat and declined orientations. Weighing 31 pounds, the bench features well-designed rollers and handles for portability and convenient storage. Furthermore, it comes with an inbuilt rack that houses three pairs of York Fit-bells when in use.

7. Ironmaster Super Bench


This is a heavy duty and one of the simplest adjustable benches that you can find on the market today. The bench can hold weights of up to 1000 lbs. In addition, you can easily adjust the bench to 11 different positions. Its versatility can be increased with a lot of ease. This is an excellent choice for the smith machines, dumbbell, cage as well as rack use.

6. Valor Fitness CB-6 Bet-Best Adjustable Benches


This adjustable bench is mostly suitable for the arm curls and it’s an ideal addition to your workout space. Valor Fitness CB-6 Bet has a very durable steel frame which measures 3″ by 2″ and 2″ by 2″. It also has the locking pull-pins that are designed for height adjustments. The arm pad measures 13 inches length and 24 inches width. The bench can hold weight up to 250lb. This bench is well-suited for the preacher barbell curls and the dumbbell bicep isolation exercises.

5. XMark 11-Gauge XM-7472


The XMark 11-Gauge XM-7472 is a heavy duty bench made of gauge steel. It is durable and versatile as well. It has a weight capacity of up to 1500lb. the adjustable bench is suitable for athletics ranging from the beginners to professionals. The back can also be adjusted to seven different angles. Furthermore, the bench is easy to transport thanks to the transit wheel. The Dura guard also protects it from wear and tear

4. Marcy SB670


This is a relatively cheap bench that has a high quality working out area. Marcy SB670 is a deluxe utility adjustable bench that can be used for a wide range of body exercises. It’s suitable for shoulder, arm, back, chest and abdominal workouts. Furthermore, it can also be adjusted to 6 different positions. The size of this bench is designed to fit the majority of the standard-sized squat racks, smith machines, and half cages.

3. CAP Barbell Flat/Decline /Incline Bench


This adjustable bench from the renowned Cap Barbell brand is an improved and adjustable quality weight-lifting equipment which folds easily for the ease of storage. The bench has a 2500lb weight capacity. It also has a foam covered firm grips for extreme comfort as well as the sturdy dumbbell holder which allows an easier reach to the weights. The bench further features a firm foot placement that provides safety. Furthermore, it has a classic stress resistant design.

2. Body GFID-71


This is a comfortable and a very stable adjustable bench. Body GFID-71 is fitted with good wheels while the legs have a T-shape which makes it perfect for maximum abdominal workouts. The bench measures 19 x 28 x 70 inches. It’s also equipped with the Dura padding which makes it durable. The Body GFID-71 is among the bestselling adjustable benches which you can get in the market today.

1. Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Bench


This is a 7-position—incline, decline, flat and near vertical multi-bench, that’s perfect for doing dumbbell as well as other strength exercises (chest presses, crunches, and shoulder presses). The bench also folds easily to allow for ease of storage. Furthermore, it features a high weight and sturdy steel frame that’s rust and corrosion resistant. The bottom wheel is durable which makes it easy to transport and set it up. All its components are strong and superbly designed thus ensuring no creaking or funny noises when being used.

It’s without a doubt that in case you want improved performance exercising on the adjustable bench, you won’t be disappointed by any of these best adjustable benches. Even though there are many other models on the market, you should not make any mistake, choose from the above list for quality as well as the value of money.

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