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Top 10 Best Ankle Boots in 2019 Reviews

A cute shoe usually accompanies perfect dressing mode. The occasion dictates the type of shoe that one wears. Women are the major target of the fashion industry as compared to men. Regarding that, we have thousands of companies that deal with ladies wear. One of the largest subdivisions of ladies fashion is the women ankle boots. They are designed to be worn on various occasions and under different conditions. Before going for a boot, it is important to gauge its level of safety and comfort to the wearer. To understand better about these women shoes, we have carried out a review of the top 10 best ankle boots for women in 2019.

10. Breckelles Women’s HEATHER-34 Faux Suede Chunky Heel Ankle Booties

Ankle Boots

The boot is crafted to enhance style and comfort. The heel is wide allowing more stability when walking. The upper part is made from sturdy synthetic material to extend its durability. Also, the sole is synthetic and skid proof thus ensuring a firm grip when walking. Comfort is highly enhanced by a cushioned shoe interior offering a soft footbed. The heel is well proportioned to allow smooth movement. The boot comes with a range of colors.

9. DailyShoes Women’s Military Up Buckle Combat Boots Ankle High Exclusive, with Credit Card Pocket


It is a boot and at the same time, a wallet. The shoe features attractive decorations on the sides. It is designed to offer combat features. It is 6 inches tall providing ample support the legs even when walking on rough grounds. No need to worry about carrying handbags and pulses as it has a side pouch. The pocket acts as a wallet and has a zipper. Opening circumference is 9’’; padded, while the heel is 1.25’’. Sole is made of non-slip rubber, and top material is synthetic.

8. Women’s DailyShoes Combat Style Up Sweater Top Ankle Bootie with A Pouch


Wearing this combat boot you can walk with confidence regardless of terrain. Topside features a synthetic material. The sole is rubber based, non-slipping and has a 4.75 inches chunky heel. While trekking, you can carry your wallet based items in the pouch at the side of the shoe. The woven lining provides warmth to your legs. It is tall enough as it measures 4.5 inches and can flip downwards.

7. Lucky Women’s Basel Boot-leather-Ankle Boots


When you think of style, comfort, and durability, think about Lucky Women Boot. It has a moderate stacked block heel; 1.5 inches thus every woman can wear it. The top part features genuine leather hence durability is guaranteed. On the other hand sole is rubber made. From arch, Shaft measure 4.5 inches and the opening circumference is 10 inches. The boot comes with a side zipper for easy and faster closure and opening. You can choose a variety of colors.

6. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Fashion Casual Outdoor Low Wedge Heel Booties


The DREAM PAIRS boots are designed to be used while outdoors. If you are going to a rave, the boots are ideal. They are made from artificial material both the top side and sole. With a heel height of 2.75 inches, you can walk without experiencing constraints. Along ankle line, they are padded to warm your legs. Also, there is a zipper on the side to allow easy closure and opening. The boot is 5.5 inches shaft height, and top opening is 9 inches.

5. Forever Women’s Buckle Strap-Block Heel Ankle Booties


Experience a stylish walking by wearing these ankle booties. These shoes are made of a synthetic material on the topside. Sole too is artificial material based. While wearing them, they are held firm by the buckle straps. The blocky shaped heel is charged with maintaining high-level stability. From the arch, the shaft is 3.5 inches. They are available in a wide range of colors.

4. CITY CLASSIFIED-Rex Women’s Wedges


CITY CLASSIFIED wedges are fully synthetic shoes, designed to make every woman charm. They are carefully crafted to offer maximum satisfaction. These wedges feature a platform of 0.25’’. The synthetic suede is used on the top since it is light, leg muscles do not strain as you walk. Shaft height is 3.25 inches while the heel is 2.75 inches. It is important to note that these shoes are animal product free.

3. Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Shoe-Ankle Boot


The Sam Edelman boots, boast comfort, elegance and made of high-quality material. With these boots, a woman looks more presentable as they are usable on official occasions. The material used on the upper is smooth synthetic suede. Also, there is a dyed calf fur. Sole is synthetic and light. Shaft, from the arch, is 4.5 inches, heel 1.5 and platform is o.25 inches. The shoe is available in more than ten colors.

2. Breckelles Ladies Indy-11 Bootie Boot


Breckelles boot is what every classy woman needs. Designed to offer comfort and confidence; they have a sleek design. The whole material used in these boots is pure synthetic; there is no animal material used. They a light hence you can walk for a long without experiencing muscle tiring. In the front part, they are pointed while ankle line it can be folded. The heel is ideal for every woman. It measures one inch, and it is broad. Shaft, from the arch, is 4.75’’. Different colors exist.

1. REFRESH WYNNE-01 Women’s combat style Lace-up Shoe- ankle bootie


These booties are the perfect women companion. They are durable, comfortable and reliable under extreme conditions. The topside and sole are made of a manmade material. When walking, no difficulties experienced as the have a broad base increasing the stability level. Top part features faux leather which offers protection from water and other contaminants. The collar is enhanced with knitting to keep you warm. Also, the collar can flip downwards. The shaft is 4 inches from arch and platform is 0.5 inches.

Women ankle boots are necessary, and every woman should own at least a pair. They are secure when walking on various grounds, provide warmth and in the case of rain, they are waterproof. Do not let cold weather limit your movement, buy yourself ankle booties.

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