Top 10 Best Baby Car Seats in 2017 Reviews

A caring parent who owns a car understands that it’s mandatory to get a quality and comfortable car seat for his/her baby. With an expertly designed infant car seat, you are always assured of safe and enjoyable rides with your loved one. You should be in a position to introduce your child to riding in your vehicle without neglecting his/her comfort and well-being.

That said, many baby car seat have now been developed, and it’s quite difficult to select an ideal product from the flooded market. It’s, therefore, wise to go through our carefully selected baby car seat models, to make your selection easy.

Read on below to avoid going for an inferior quality product that will end up disappointing you on the roads.

10. Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat Plus Base


What other infant car seat could you go for other than that which provides non-comparable comfort to your loved one? Orbit manufacturers are proud to bring you this high-end baby car seat. It’s designed to meet all the recommended legal crash standards so you can be sure about its quality. It comes with an excellent strong-arm and smart hub design that facilitates effortless installation in your car. With its well-padded back, your child is always guaranteed of maximum comfort. Its soft, well-fitted carriers are there to facilitate maximum portability. Finally, its side-shock shield system comes to provide maximum safety for your loved one at all times by absorbing any occurring impact.


9. Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air Car Seat-Best Baby Car Seats


Is it accurate to say that this is your first time you are taking a ride with your loved baby? Then starting off with this high-end baby car seat will bring you great results. It’s excellently designed to allow you introduce your kid to the roads in the best way possible. Its air impact technology comes in to absorb any occurring impact, thus ensuring your child feels totally at home. It offers an extra leg room and is well harnessed to accommodate your child as he/she advances from four to about thirty-four pounds in weight. Its carry handles facilitate easy ferrying of your child off the car to different locations. Installing this infant seat on your vehicle takes only a few minutes as it features a one-click installation latch.


8. Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat-Black


The exclusive features that come with this baby car seat model make it rank among the best seller products on the market. Britax Company has a well-built reputation of coming up with high-end products and this one is not to an exception. It features an extra-light body making it a travel-friendly baby car seat. Its side-shock absorption style collaborates with the impact-cushioning liner to provide maximum rear and front impact and shock protection to your child. With its comfort pads, harness pads, and an entire canopy, your baby will always be comfortable and safe regardless of the miles you drive through. It features an easy installation mechanism plus sturdy, soft carry handles for easy handling. It works perfectly on all vehicles and accommodates your child in the rear position from the 4-pound weight to 30 pounds.


7. Combi Shuttle Car Seat- Black70


Combi manufacturers have designed this baby car seat model with a primary aim of providing your loved one with maximum comfort and safety as you drive from place to place. Its side-shock absorbent collaborates with the anti-rebound bar to always shield your baby from any rear or side collisions. Its adjustable head restraints that feature dense side walls and a thick layer of shock-absorbing foam comes in the case of a crash to absorb and efficiently distribute the occurring shock away from your baby’s neck and spine regions. The harness pad and large canopy are also there to enhance your child’s safety and comfort at all times.


6. Peg Perego Atmosphere76 baby car seat


Through every piece of their hard-earned reputation and experience, Peg Perego Company has finally managed to bring you this particular baby car seat. It takes no chances in the quest to provide your child with maximum comfort and safety in your vehicle. It comfortably accommodates your loved one from four to thirty pounds. Your child will always be protected from any possible shock through its adjustable side-shock shield that adjusts to six positions as your baby grows. Also, the impact-cushioning EPS on this seat extends your child’s safety. Its perforations provide a constant air circulation that prevents your baby from sweating profusely. The two cushions provided with this product can be used to shield your child’s neck and bottom throughout the growth journey.


5. Evenflo Lx Embrace Baby Car Seat


Evenflo Company blends safe and comfortable features to bring you this baby car seat for an exclusive experience. Its lightweight construction allows effortlessly portability off the car to other places. It comes with an expertly designed pivot canopy plus a detachable head pillow to ensure your loved one is comfortable at all times. Your travel in the company of your child is always comfortable and enjoyable thanks to its up-front adjustment that facilitate easy adjusting to fit your growing child. It comes with a comfortable and sturdy base, although some people prefer using it without the base.


4. Evenflo Triumph Convertible Baby Car Seat


Evenflo Company is here again but this time with a better quality baby car seat. They have combined innovative and all the vital features to bring you this exclusive baby car seat model. It comes with a comfortable and safe hardness variation mechanism that provides maximum comfort and security from any impact to your child as he/she grows. It allows the rear and front-facing baby-sitting angles and has a non-comparable weight bearing property. All these features come to provide the best driving moments with your child. It comfortably accommodates your loved one right from the weight of 5 pounds to around 65 pounds. Also, it’s reasonably priced to suit parents operating on strict budgets.


3. Graco Contender Convertible baby Car Seat


This baby car seat comes to ease your driving in the company of your loved one right from a 5-pound weight to 65 pounds. The convenient variable harness system is there to support you in raising your child from an early age. The harness system on this seat is set to vary the height of the headrest automatically as well as the harness as your child advances in age. The effortless installation of this product is facilitated by its latch and the easy to read level indicator. Most importantly, its seat is machine washer safe while its body is well-cushioned to protect your loved one from any impact occurring throughout your travel.


2. Chico Keyfit 30 baby car seat


Chico Company has taken some time to research on the needs of very young babies and is proud to bring you this high-performance baby car seat model. It has managed to win the hearts of many neonatal care specialists making it the most recommended for out-going mothers. It provides none comparable comfort and safety to your child on or off the car. It’s specially developed from a high-grade polyester plastic that works tirelessly to ensure that this product serves you for many years. It’s very easy to install. With its variable and detachable inserts, you can be sure to use it on your child right from a four-pound weight to approximately thirty pounds. The absorbing and shock-cushioning foam is there to eliminate all the worries that come with driving in the company of your baby.


1. Chicco Matrix Nextfit Convertible Baby Car Seat

Best Baby Car Seats

Right at the top of the list is this incredible baby car seat model designed by the re-known Chico Company. It continues to win the love of many parents across the globe as it delivers as it promises when it comes to your child’s safety and comfort while traveling. It beats all the reviewed models regarding installation and security provision to young children. It’s quite flexible as it fits in almost all car models. It will comfortably accommodate your loved one right from a weight of 5 pounds to about 40 pounds in the rear sitting position. It will serve your child right from the hospital bed to the pre-school age when appropriately handled.


All the reviewed infant car seats come with the best quality you won’t find elsewhere. Having brought you the best, the next step of identifying the model that suits you baby best remains with you. The adverse effects of falling for a cheap inferior quality product will be irreversible. Go for a high-quality baby car seat and you will be sure of your child’s comfort and security throughout your rides.

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