Top 10 Best Baby Girl Short Sets in 2017 Reviews

Know of any mother who does not love to dress-up her baby girl? In fact, most parent couples want a girl child as you can dress her up like a doll, unlike a baby boy who offers little scope for the parents’ to express their fashion creativity. Adorable little baby girls have seen a lot of frocks and Lacey dresses in the past year. Little girl fashion this year speaks of shorts, more of short sets that are matched and coordinated to bring out the best of your baby girl’s cuteness. This fashion trend in girls is dictated by vibrant short sets that have seen rising popularity of late all over the world. Want a perfect shorts set for your doll? Here are my top 10 choices for your princess.

10. Bowknot Scarf & Shorts set


All baby girls can be wearing the same kind and style of shorts set for a birthday party. But, what will differentiate your girl with this set is the small little bowknot. The dress is simple, great for summers and extremely girly with the little bows on the base and buttons on the shoulders. Don’t you love the scarf to hat on?

9. Shorts Set Two Piece


This two-piece short set doubles up as two individual garments for your baby girl. You can make her wear it as a dress, a tunic with shorts or leggings or simply use the bottom with another top. It is available in three colors and is extremely comfortable; the fabric is breathable and light.

8. Carter’s Shorts Set


This Carter’s short set is extremely classy. Available in two colors this set is a great choice for your baby girl for picnics and local outings. Available in two colors what I really like about this set is that the top has small little cap sleeves and the embroidery on the neck of the top which will give your daughter an extremely feminine look.

7. Jastore Shorts Set


Looking for some flower power for your girl? Then here is a cute branded set. It is great in quality, made of a soft cotton blend and has a uniquely styled top. The top is wavy and loose while the bottom is a normal and straight cut.

6. US Polo Denim Shorts with Checked Top-Best Baby Girl Short Sets


This combination is a utility set. The denim shorts can be used with any other top. The top offered in the set is stroppy and checked. Available in two pastel shades this set is made of a mix of polyester, spandex, and cotton.

5. Dungaree Short Set


Again a great set for utility and value for money. This is a short dungaree set with a cute little short top to go with. Both of the things can be used separately. The colors are contrasting and the set is available in only on the color combination.

4. Summer Shorts Set


This is one of my favorite sets. Total summer fun shorts set, this bright colored set is a great option for a summer wardrobe. The set is made in a blended cotton fabric and has printed on it. It is a great budget buy for summers.

3. Polka Dot Summer Set


This is my favorite summer set. One of the cutest sets I have seen online, the set includes polka dot shorts and plain t with a mickey motif with a real bow. The bow makes the set look really feminine. Definitely worth a buy!

2. Fancy Rose Shorts Set


Looking to purchase little formal shorts set that can be used for swankier events? The rose shorts set is in two colors, beige and light pink. It is soft to wear and easy to handle and maintain. Jazz it up with this for your little one.

1. Mustache Top and Polka Dot Shorts


This set is the best of the lot so far. The shades and color combination is wonderful. Printed with the famous mustache, the polka dotted bottom does justice to the pastel shade of the top. Make this your baby’s wardrobe jewel. It looks classic, somehow!

This list more or less sums up the latest on the fashion scene for baby girls. A good five buys from these should be more than enough to make your little girl look stylish on most counts and occasions.

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