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Top 10 Best Baby Walkers in 2019 Reviews

Seeing your baby walk will be the greatest source of joy in your life. I mean, after the long journey of crawling, any parent should get excited over seeing his/her child walk. Making the first step is an indication that within no time, you will be in a position to hold your little one’s arm and walk through the town. Isn’t that amazing? With a high-quality, baby walker, seeing your child walk should come effortlessly and within a short while. So, what else should you be thinking of apart from getting the ideal baby walker from a reputable source?

If you are searching for a high-quality baby walker, then you are at the right place. We bring you the top ten best baby walkers on the market currently to try and ease your selection and ensure that you get the ideal model that will serve your little one in the best way. Our range consists of all types of walkers from those with a little stimulation to those with a busy and tight activity center. Read on below to find the best option for your loved one.

10. Dream On Me Musical Baby Walker-Red

Best Baby Walkers

Since 1988, Dream On Me Company has been in the front line in ensuring that children are introduced to this world in a great way through expertly made baby furniture and other products. Parents who find inspiration in seeing their children run up and down from an early age should find this melody musical baby walker a god sent option. It features three standard height configurations, a detachable toy tray, compact steering wheel and a combination of sounds and music to keep your little one entertained at all times. The available color options include green, yellow/blue, blue/red and pink.

9. Chicco Dance Baby Walker Activity Center


Any parent who has been around baby shops must have come across the Chicco brand. Chicco is known for the production of high-end baby walker models, and this one is not an exemption. Its quality has been unbeatable for quite some time now. It features a detachable music player, an MP3 hookup, bumper guards, and three variable height configurations to serve you in the best way. You can fold it effortlessly to a small size to facilitate storage and transport. Your child will also enjoy moving around with this Chicco walker.

8. Baby Trend Walker- Kiku


A parent who does not like dense decorations could find this neutral pattern baby walker as the ideal option. It comes with a safari finish theme that makes it look simple despite its incredible performance. Also, it features three height configurations allowing it to support your child as he/she advances in height. The large tray on this walker provides ample playing area for your child as well a place to keep his/her game items. It’s easy to assemble for utilization and folds effortlessly into a small size for storage. Its seat is also machine-washable.

7. Combi Ferrari F1 Red Baby Walker


Looking for a con in the Ferrari F1 red baby walker could take you years, and unless you are a pessimist, you won’t find any except its reasonably high price tag. It comes with an appealing look of a Ferrari that always turns heads at any place. It also comes with soft audio sounds and added themes to provide unbeatable enjoyment to you and your little one. The three variable height configurations on this baby walker allow it to support your growing baby conveniently. Its seat is easy to clean while its small food tray provides ample space for serving your child some snacks.

6. Delta Children Little Drive Baby Walker


The Delta Children’s baby walker comes to serve the toddler’s love for automotive as it mimics a fancy car. The manufacturer carefully selects its color and car graphic decals to allow your baby fantasize about a real car when cruising on this walker. It features a sufficient activity center, a compact steering wheel and some great toys to keep your child entertained. It also comes with a snack tray below the play center and three height configuration settings. You will appreciate its lightweight and the race car sounds it produces.

5. Disney Baby Lights and Music Walker-Branching Out


How can our children’s love for Disney products be tamed? I bet there is no proven way. The only thing one can do to fulfill his/her little one’s desire by purchasing this one of a kind baby walker by the re-known Disney Company. The love it’s receiving from toddlers can only be attributed to its incredible features like the Disney-themed ample activity center. It’s made to adjust quickly through the three height configurations as your child advances in height. Its dual toy tray can be detached after a play period and replaced by its food tray to serve some snacks to your child. It’s easy to assemble to utilize and also easy to fold for storage or transport.

4. Chicco Lil Piano Splash Baby Walker


This is just another high-quality baby walker that comes with exclusive features to keep your child happy and involved at all times. Its most prominent feature is the detachable piano tray which includes buttons, rattles, drums, lights and other incredible sounds that keep your baby happy thus preventing boredom. It also features three height configurations, a stunning pattern style, and a snack tray. Its seat is machine washable; thus, you don’t need to worry about cleaning it. The models of this baby walker available do far are bird-land and splash.

3. Baby Einstein Baby Walker- Neptune Ocean Explorer


The incredible design on this baby walker makes it outstanding and unbeatable on the market. It features a stunning glossy theme and an innovative construction which make it exceedingly fantastic and distinct from Baby Einstein’s prior models. It features three height configurations and a steering wheel for easy maneuverability. Its sufficient activity center comes with sounds, soft music, and loops to hook up your baby’s toys and other play items. You will love its easy assembly.

2. Joovy Spoon Baby Walker, Greenie-Best Baby Walkers


The Joovy Company has made this baby walker simple but of high-performance. It comes with a high chair that allows your little one to rest after walking around for a while. It features no toys or music which could distract a child in his / her path to walking. Its design includes a large tray at its center and front for placing your child’s snacks and also to provide ample storage for the toys. It adds a stunning look to your home when properly parked thanks to its beautiful construction style. It folds easily for easy travel and storage while its seat is machine washable.

1. Safety 1st Lights and sounds Discovery Walker


Among the best, this baby walker stands out. Despite its unbeatable construction, this walker is reasonably priced to suit even the average person. Its excellent features keep your little one entertained and in a jovial mood at all times. Most importantly, your toddler will love moving around with this baby walker. It folds easily to facilitate easy portability and is also easy to assemble. You will like its dinosaur theme at its activity center, the tray to place your baby’s snacks as well as its three variable heights.

Getting a quality baby walker will not only help your child walk fast but also help you keep your child entertained and in a jovial mood all the time. Select your option from the featured models and begin to experience the power of a baby walker right from day one.

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