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Top 10 Best Bath Towels in 2019 Reviews

Having a new set of towels saves you in the case of having many overnight visitors. It could be troublesome and more so embarrassing to let all your guests share one faded, worn out and poor absorbent towel. Having a new set of towels will always make your bath time and that of your guests and family worth it as you walk out clean and totally dry. So, is it right to say that you are in the search for an appealing, reliable and high-performance set of towels? Then going through the top ten best bath towels in 2019 reviews will help you identify the best towel brand regarding, fading, shrinkage, wear and most importantly absorbency. Find the best towel to suit your family, visitors, hotel or spa.

10. Luvable Friends Animal Face Baby Towel- Duck


Baby bath time might never be great without the use of this baby bath towel by the re-known Luvable Friends. It’s expertly designed to suit your child’s bathroom needs as it comes from a blend of terry cotton and regular cotton. Its extra-smooth texture makes it ideal for the delicate baby skin. You are free to select for your child the suitable animal model as rabbit, duck, monkey and frog models, in four distinct colors, are available. They are easy to hand wash and are dryable via a machine. If you love your little one, then its time you surprised him/her with this animal design bath towel.

9. Divatex Home Bath towels Fashions 10-Piece


If you are looking for high-quality towels that will save you some cash, then going for these set of ten towels could be a wise decision. It includes two bath sheets, two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. They are very soft as they come from 100% genuine terry cotton. They leave your skin relaxed and comfortable and absorb even the insignificant moisture from your body. They are lightweight thus easy to handle as they weigh about 540 grams per every square meter. You will enjoy selecting the towels from the available 14 primary and fashionable colors. They are machine washable and dryable thus easy to maintain.

8. Turkish Luxury Grey bath towels- Hotel and Spa- set of 4


Salbakos manufacturer brings you these towels made from 100% Turkish cotton. They are incredibly sturdy, soft and absorbent to ensure you always leave the shower room clean and dry. Unlike other models that come with a single hem, these towels go with double-stitched hems to ensure they last long as they are much easier to unravel. Environment lovers will fall for these towels as they are free from any chemicals and toxins. Start reaping comfort, health and style all in this set of towels.

7. Cotton Bath And Pool White Towel-By Utopia Towels


The quality and luxurious feeling brought about by this bath towel make it outstanding. Its extra-large size plus a none comparable softness brings a significant change in your baths as it’s made from 100% cotton. Your skin will always feel smooth and soft as a result of using this bath towel. You are free to use a machine in cleaning and drying this towel. It comes thick but lightweight, and you are spoilt for choice regarding color. It’s absorbing power will amaze you as it takes with it even the insignificant moisture away from your skin. You can use it in the pool, gym or bathroom.

6. Turkish Luxury Hotel and Spa set of six hand bath towels by Salbakos


Wiping off moisture from the hands after a thorough wash will be hustle free with these set of six hand towels. They come with at a medium size of about 16*30 inches. They are all eco-friendly as they don’t contain any harmful elements like pesticide thus safe and gentle on your skin. They are all thick but lightweight as they weigh only 700+ GSM. They retain their appealing blue color for long even with regular washing as they are expertly dyed for about 8 hours before during the processing.

5. Pure Cotton Hotel & Spa Bath-Towels-6 Pack- By Utopia Towels


Mothers or dorm keepers who would love to provide their families or guests with fabulous bath towels could find these towels fantastic. Their large size and white color make them ideal for hotel and spa as they make the bathrooms look elegant. They are thick thus high absorbing power and also lightweight as each comes with a weight of only 24 ounces. Their soft texture leaves you craving for more baths as they are more than gentle and relaxing to your skin. The softness remains for a long time even with regular cleaning. They are machine washable, so care and maintenance are not a bone of contention.

4. Pinzon Luxury Bath Towel – Marine-820-Gram


Are you in the search for high-quality, luxurious bath towel? Then this towel is among the best options you could take. You will love its smooth texture as it comes entirely from cotton. It absorbs all moisture from your body after a bath and also dries quickly. You are spoilt for choice regarding color as four elegant colors are available. It’s a lightweight towel that weighs only 820 grams thus easy to handle and clean. Also, it features a classy border and looks luxurious and fashionable. The fact that it’s machine washable and dryable eliminates the hustle that comes with hand washing.

3. Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel-Set of 4- 100% Turkish Cotton By Chakir Turkish Linens


What else could be searching for apart from towels made from 100% genuine Turkish leather? These towels bring you performance and improve your bath time a hundred fold as they leave you dry and clean after every shower. They are not only ideal for home use but also the spa, hotel, and other places. They are thick but lightweight thus high absorbency and easy to clean. You are free to select the color of your choice from pink to blue, to white, etc. The set of four remains new and soft even after multiple cleaning. They are machine washable, so you don’t need to strain your hands.

2. Luxury Hotel & Spa Set of 4White Bath Towels 27”*54”- by Chakir Turkish Linen

Best Bath Towels

Among the top ten best bath towels in 2019 is this exclusive towel that’s ideal for massage, spa, and hotel. The pack comes with four of this white towel. Their smooth and soft feel can only be attributed to the 100% Turkish cotton used in the development of these towels. Its softness gets better with every wash. They are extremely light as they weigh only 700+ GSM each while their size is also convenient. They come with an incredible look and feature a double thread edge that increases their durability. Most importantly, cleaning these towels should not trouble you as they are machine washable and dryable.

1. Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Grey Bath Towel 6-Piece Set of 4-Best Bath Towels


The Egyptian cotton that makes this set of bath towels makes the towels heavyweight and therefore a perfect choice for those looking for durable and heavy-duty towels. They offer you high absorption power and leave the skin smooth after every use. All the pieces in this set come in a convenient size. The collection consists of hand towels, bath towels and bath cloths that collaborate to provide the best bath time. Many colors on the same are available so you can choose the one that pleases you. All the towels are machine washable and dryable. You should start enjoying comfortable and relaxing shower moments before or after work with this one of a kind towel set.

All these towel brands come to serve your bathroom needs in the best way possible. Say no more to the use of inferior quality bath towels that make your bath time hectic. Select your choice from the best and start experiencing great shower moments right from day one.

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