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Top 10 Best Bathroom Shelves in 2019 Reviews

Having the most spacious, well-finished bathroom is not a guarantee of the proper arrangement of bath items. Many people struggle with the little space they have as they can’t tell what to keep and what to remove from the bathroom. The result is a disorganized bathroom that no one wants to use. Fortunately, bathroom shelves have come to the rescue. With an expertly designed shelf in your bathroom, you can now maintain the items you frequently utilize and do away with those you regularly use. You can now arrange your bath space to achieve an elegant and pleasing space. Bathroom shelves come in a variety of style, quality, and sizes. It’s, therefore wise to go through the analysis below of the top ten best bathroom shelves to ensure you come out with the ideal brand that suits your bathroom perfectly.

10. KOHLER K-10563-CP Devonshire Glass Shelf


Kohler is an international manufacturer of a wide range of fantastic products, and this bathroom shelf is here to strengthen their brand’s name. It rarely disappoints when installed and utilized correctly. It’s quite durable, thanks to its sturdy construction material. You can rely on it in ensuring that all the essential bathroom items are available and properly arranged in your bathroom. It goes well with all wall decors thus spicing up your bathroom’s look. It’s reasonably priced to make it affordable to the average homeowner.

9. Kraus KEA-14401BN Aura Bathroom Essential


Among the outstanding bathroom shelves, is this product whose performance and design are unbeatable. It brings about a great sense of beauty to your bathroom that makes you crave for those shower moments in a serene environment. It mounts easily and excellently on your wall to ensure no wastage of space. It cleans easily with a wet cloth and little soap to always look elegant. Its design goes well with any bathroom layout, so you don’t have to panic when purchasing it. The positive feedback it’s receiving from its happy users across the globe speaks volumes about its performance.

8. Gatco 4296 Latitude II 20-Inch Satin Nickel Glass Shelf


A person looking forward to increasing the useful space in his/her bathroom using a high-grade shelf should consider this option by the re-known Gatco Company. It comes with a mount design that fixes it solidly on the wall and saves you some space. Also, its mount-wall design improves its convenience and flexibility. It’s made from Zinc so you can be sure about its durability. Its strength allows it to accommodate as many items comfortably without loss of stability.

7. MODONA 8913-A Glass Corner Shelf


The trouble that comes with hanging towels and the growth of mildew on your bath towels as a result of wetness should go away with the introduction of this shelf in your bathroom. This rack comes with a sturdy white material that makes it stable and durable. You will love its three level baskets of distinct sizes that allow you to store your towels and other bathroom essentials without overcrowding them thus enabling them to dry with ease. It blends well with many wall décors and colors,v thus it will spice up the look of your bathroom. You can also employ it in your kitchen.

6. Moen DN0794CH Iso Chrome Towel Shelf


The Moen Company has gained a fantastic reputation after the release of this outstanding towel shelf. It fits perfectly on the wall thanks to its wall mount feature to serve you for many years without depreciating or losing stability. It comes from pure zinc, a material known for its strength. All your towels will always be well-kept and maintained at all times. On purchase, the package comes with a template and all items needed to facilitate an efficient and safe installation. You will love its chrome finish that adds some décor to your bathroom.

5. Orange Tag Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf-1 Tier-Best Bathroom Shelves


There are many things on this bathroom shelf that are worth appreciation. First, it comes with an elegant design that goes well with any bathroom regardless of the wall paint color. Secondly, its slim metal frame comes from hardened aluminum, therefore sturdy to serve you for a long while. More so, it provides a wide storage space that comfortably accommodates many bathroom essentials without losing its stability or depreciating in quality. Most importantly it comes at a reasonable price thus affordable even to those operating on tight budgets.

4. Organize It All Oil Rubbed Glass Shelf


A person focusing on achieving a classic look in his/her bathroom in addition to creating more room for the bathroom essentials should consider trying this elegant modern shelf. It power in beautifying a room can only be attributed to its excellent construction. It provides ample room for placing various items as well as a towel bar that allows your towels to dry after a bath to prevent the growth of molds and mildew. The paper guide provided with this product is there to let you install it with ease and correctly.

3. Organize It All Satin Nickel Glass Shelf


Are you looking for a simple but high-performance shelf for your bathroom? Then you could find this product by the famous Organize It All as your perfect match. It comes with a glass surface that offers you enough space to place your bathing and grooming essentials like bath brushes, makeup and extra bathing soaps for later use. Also, you get a towel bar where you can hang your towel before use and after use to dry. The glass material makes it easy to clean as you only need a wipe with a wet cloth to keep it glittering and clean. It fits perfectly on your wall thanks to its wall-mount design.

2. Organize It All Metro Spacious 4-Tier Shelf


The storage space offered by this shelf is worth the praise. It comes with 4-tiers with wide spaces that allow you to store towels, clothes, and other shower essentials. It also comes with an additional space that facilitates the storage of decorative items like makeup. All your grooming necessities can be stored on this shelf, so you don’t need to keep shifting from room to room after a shower. Its chrome tubing is there to enhance its stability thus serves you for many years.

1. Organize It All Metro Wall Mounting 2-Tier Rack

Best Bathroom Shelves

Organize it all bring you just another bathroom rack that comes with incredible features. It comes with sufficient space to store your bath towels, extra soaps, grooming necessities and anything else you may wish. It has a sturdy frame designed from Chrome that allows it to withstand daily utilization for a long time without depreciating in quality. It blends effortlessly but excellently with many colors and bathroom decors so you can be sure to improve the look of your home.

Purchasing one of the featured bathroom shelves is not only a sign of responsibility but also an appreciation for the efforts of manufacturers in improving our homes. Begin reaping the benefits of a well-organized bathroom by installing a high-quality, spacious, shelf to help with storing and arranging your various essential items in your bathroom.

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