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Top 10 Best Beach Tents in 2019 Reviews

During vacation, people are obsessed by many recreational activities. One of the most common especially during summer is a tour to the beach. It is a great moment as one it helps to cope with high temperatures and dehydration problem. However, you cannot spend the whole day swimming. You need to relax and enjoy a refreshing sea breeze. It is at this point beach tents becomes a necessity. These tents are useful in preventing you from harsh temperatures as well as ultraviolet rays that cause sunburns. They are easy to set up/dismantle and light to carry. The list below has the reviews of 2019 the top 10 best beach tents.

10. Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter/Tent



Enjoy the ultimate sweetness of beach, park or backyard without sun bothering you. This portable Rio tent is an absolute choice. It has sun protection factor of 50+ offering shield of up to 8 hours. The tent is mad of polyester coated with aluminum. It is light weight; Hence, portable and tent material is washable. Interior has two pockets which you can add some weight to add stability and floor is covered. Windows are meshed to allow cool breeze while inside.

9. Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screened Canopy Tent

Best Beach Tents

If you want to relax with your friends and enjoy the serenity of nature, this Coleman tent is what you need. It offers a bigger area of 190 Ft² yet its light weight to carry. Assembling is simple requiring just a minute to take up. The severity of sun ray cannot get inside due to heavy duty material with 50+ UV shield protection. Also, it can shelter you from gusty winds and insects. It offers ample T-shaped doors for easy movement, the loops and zippers allow opening and closing of doors.

8. Shade Shack Instant Family Beach Tent and Sun Shelter


Shade Shack family tent is a perfect tent while having fun on the beach with your family. Setting up is almost instant and features a sleek pop-up design. Apart from being useful in the beach, it can also be used for other activities like picnics and in the back yard. No sun burns as it traps 96% of UV rays. By adding sand on the sand bags, makes the tent more stable and secure from high winds.

7. Texsport Calypso Quick Cabana Beach Sun tent


This tent is crafted to offer you a super refreshing moment on the beach. It very reliable in protecting your skin from harsh sun rays. It features heavy-duty silver-coated polyurethane to ensure it averts all harmful rays. It provides a durable floor cover and window have storm flaps. Its light weight allows it to be ideal to carry. It can withstand high winds due to strong fiberglass poles. Assembling and dismantling are few second jobs.

6. Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Sun Shelter


As the name suggest, the tent is light and setting up and disassembling is instant. The easiness is further boosted by compressible hub and tent integrated poles. Protection against the sun and the wind is guaranteed as it has UV factor of 50+. It is ideal for beach and sporting and can accommodate two adults and a kid. While inside, you can still enjoy the breeze through roll-up windows. The tent has cabana style and light weight of 6 pounds.

5. Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Sun Shelter


It is possible to experience a large area while weight is extremely light. This Pacific beach tent is designed to offer superior qualities without compromising weight. When on the beach or in the parks, it will shield you from the wind, rain, and extreme sun rays. Interior has pockets where you can place your personal items while enjoying the breeze from two large windows. Cleaning floor is easy as it has waterproof covering material. The sturdy frame made of fiberglass ensures it strong against winds. When you buy, it comes with 1-year warranty.

4. Sundome 4 Person Tent-Green/Navyh2>


Sometimes going to the beach, parks or camping alone can be boring. Being in companion of a few friends adds a sweet experience. This tent is light, yet it can accommodate 4 people. When compared to other same class tents, it is 33% more efficient in waterproofing. No suffocation while inside, it has two large windows for fresh air and breeze inlet. The additional rainfly adds protection against rain. Assembling is simple and takes a minute. A 1-year warranty is included when you purchase it.

3. Coleman Road Trip Beach Sun Shelter


This beach tent offers superb qualities allowing its use on various occasions. It is suitable for beach, camping, and parks. Privacy is highly enhanced; the two doors have zippers for closing. You can use it changing purposes. Your items are catered for by available 4 pockets. The tent features sturdy cover materials providing a protection factor of 50+ against UV rays. Additionally, it can be used even during the night without suffering from harsh conditions. It is light, simple to set up and when you buy it comes with floor mat, sand bag stakes and carry bag.

2. Sport-Brella XL – Portable Tent


With this tent, it is a guarantee that no sunburns, the wind or being rained. It features a rugged design canopy made of 210 D polyester. There are side flaps for increased protection. It can repel 99.9% of UVA and UVB through is 50+ protection factor material. Also in the case of rain, it is waterproof. The tent is light as easy to set up. It comes with a carry bag, steel stakes, and tie-down cords.

1. Sport-Brella Umbrella – Portable All Weather Shelter-Best Beach Tents


The easy to carry, lightweight umbrella shaped beach tent is always ready to protect you from any weather condition. Be it rain, sun, and wind you can rely on it. It has a rugged structure with side flaps for full protection. As you rest inside, windows provide a good flow of air and breeze. The material used has UV protection factor of 50+, thus no skin damage. It is waterproof and possesses internal pockets. The tent comes with Carry bag, ground stakes and tethers.

Beach tents are necessary equipment for anybody who wants to enjoy beach life. Be it designed to hold one person or a group the main aspect is protection from natures extremities do not let the sun scorch you again, save some pennies and buy yourself a beach tent.

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