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Top 10 Best Bread Loaf Slicers in 2019 Reviews

When you want to slice your bread, a slicer is an important tool. Unlike the traditional methods, a slicer is convenient, faster and neat. A neatly sliced loaf is easier to apply margarine and other spreading agents. Typically, there are many brands of bread slicer in the market, with each claiming its unique benefits. However, a customer cannot buy all of them so that he can compare. It is this fact that has prompted us to investigate and compare different features and qualities exhibited by these kitchen wares. Below is a comprehensive review of top 10 best loaf slicing guides in 2019.

10. Presto Pride Bread Slicing Guide

Best Bread Loaf Slicers


Achieving even slices when using bare hands is near to impossible. A well-crafted slicing guide is a requirement. Presto Pride loaf slicer is what every bread lover should acquire. You just need to place your freshly baked bread or cake and the final results will amaze you. The slicer has evenly spaced cutting guide slots that ensure whatever is set there is evenly sliced. It comes with an electric knife which cut faster than the manual one.

9. COOKERY Bread Cutting Guide with Adjustable slicer and ABS plastic


As you slice bread, it tends to leave some crumbs which can dirty floor if left to fall. All this mess is now eliminated by this sleekly designed loaf slicer. As you cut, breadcrumbs will fall on the detachable catcher. This gadget is crafted to accommodate loaves of bread of all size. It allows cutting of desired slice size through the divider. Storing is very convenient as it is foldable. The white ABS plastic is durable; hence, the gadget lasts longer. Cleaning is by simply by removing crumbs from the catcher and wipes it together with the guide.

8. Better Bread Slicer-Coffee


Bread slicers as the name suggest people can think they are only supposed to be metallic or plastic made. However, Better Bread slicer is different. It features a beautiful wooden body with 6 inches panels to accommodate various bread heights. The base is designed to be adjustable so as to slice different sized loaves. Also, it has a ponderosa pine base. When you are not using it, the side panels can be detached and stored beneath the slicer.

7. Multiform 02 Bread Slicer-White


This slicer is ultimately speed enhanced. You will not struggle when slicing bread as it is not complicated. It can be set to produce various thickness slices like 15/20/25 mm by the use of a divider. ABS material used in construction ensures it is durable and can withstand high temperature. When you have limited space in the kitchen cabinet, you just fold it to save space. As you cut bread, it provides ample space to your fingers thus avoiding injuries. After you are done, cleaning is a one-second job by just emptying crumb catcher and wiping it.

6. Yummy Sam® Bread Slicer-Foldable and Adjustable


Every kitchen apparatus should be easy to use and heat tolerant. The yummy Sam bread slicer is a perfect kitchen can slice anything sliceable in the kitchen, be it a loaf, cake, bun cheese and vegetables. If you want to slice bread while still hot, it is possible without damaging it. The ABS material used is can withstand up to 90º C. you are at liberty to choose any of the four slicing widths available. The base is strong and non-slipping for comfortable operation. Also, storage isn’t stressing as it is foldable.

5. Presto – Bread Slicing Guide with Coded Guide Slots-Best Bread Loaf Slicers


Unlike other slicers where you just estimate the slice length, with this one you can never guess. It produces uniform slices. The side panels are coded to ensure the thickness is always uniform. Besides being coded, it has cutting slots for precision purposes. Bread guide is designed to accommodate big and small sized loaves of bread. No disturbances from the loaf as you cut, since slicer is tilted backwards.

4. West Bend – 6600X – Bread Slicing Guides – 1 to 2 Lb breads


This brand guide is ideal to have it in your home. You will enjoy a ton of benefits when it comes to cutting bread. It features a durable material of construction to have an extended life. If you have small kitchen cabins and drawers, you can fold its wall so as to fit. It can cut bread if any size as there is no backstops. The size if slices are even for easy and faster slicing. The cleaning of the device is very simple.

3. Maple Bread Slicer Classic – Heavy Duty Bread guide


This wooden loaf slicer is made with perfection to ensure you enjoy unlimited lifetime services. It features a hard maple wood, held together by stainless steel screws. It offers a strong base which is furnished with rubber legs to provide a firm grip on the table top. The simplicity of make, allows it to store well with other items. It can be used to cut ant bread size.

2. Bread Slicer Elite with Brushed Stainless Steel and Maple Wood Board


A combination of stainless steel and wooden board gives you a long lasting bread slicer. It comes while fully assembled thus ready for use. It provides a solid base with a rubber foot, allowing easy working. These slicers are handmade to offer the best quality services to the users. A selection of construction material ensures your health is not compromised. This loaf slicer works best on bread with less than 5 inches widths.

1. DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread Slicer


If you are tired of cutting bread using a free hand, it is time to acquire this bamboo loaf slicer. It has a beautiful furnish adding a decoration in your kitchen. With it, you can cut three slice sizes enabled by three grooves. If you are in limited space, you can fold it to fit. By being made of bamboo, it does not pollute the environment and is 100% biodegradable. If you usually make homemade bread this slicer is perfect for you.

These are the top most bread guides in the market. With this information, it is possible to make the ideal decision without making trial and errors. With a slicer, you can surprise your family and visitors with professionally sliced bread.

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