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Top 10 Best Car Cell Phone Mounts and Holders in 2019 Reviews

Do you appreciate practicality, convenience, and reliability? Then you’re at the right place. Car cell phone holders tick all the boxes above and are potential life-savers. This is because when driving, you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to look for your ringing cell. Also, you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel to hold the phone while talking. Aforementioned maintains your focus on the road, and thus you’re less likely to be involved in an accident. Below, we feature the top ten best cell phone holders on the market to help you make the correct choice.

10. Gripgo Car Phone Holder


The Gripgo is a car phone mount system that doubles as both a phone holder and a GPS holder. It’s usable on any phone type regardless of its dimensions. You can either stick it on the dash or the windscreen. Wherever you choose, doesn’t matter because the product has a 360-degree pivoting mount system that will ensure you get the viewing angle spot on.

9. Uxcell B00FH70CK4 MobilePhone Holder Stand


This cell phone holder is made from soft plastic and thus comes with a minimum weight of just 65 grams. However, its lightweight nature does not limit its functionality as it can comfortably hold any phone model on the market. It has a beautiful beige color that adds some elegance to your car. Its two-pocket design means that it can carry two phones at any one time. It has double side tape that ensures its installation is effortless.

8. Non-Slip Mat Pad Holder B00NP26Q3A


The re-known Non-Slip holder is designed to hold cell phones firmly in place. It fits perfectly on the dash, the windshield or the center console of any car. It will always keep your phone in check even on bumpy or twisty rides. It comes in two distinct models; black and transparent. You are free to use in holding iPods, mp3 players, pens, etc. Its installation is easy and non-permanent and does not require any tools.

7. Uxcell Cell Phone Pouch-Car Cell Phone Mounts and Holders


Soft plastics and gray crocodile print faux leather are the building blocks of this Pouch. The genuine crocodile leather makes it feel posh while giving it an incredible look. It’s pretty lightweight at 50 grams for easy handling. Again, it has proper dimensions and those with big phones won’t have a problem fitting them in. You can place this item on the center console of the vehicle or use the plastic hook mounted on its top side to hang it on the rear-view mirror.

6. Tenflyer B016KJ44H4 Cell Phone Holder


This car mobile phone holder comes from high-quality plastic; that is agile. You can rotate it through 360 degrees to achieve better viewing angles. It has one sucker, and one tray hence can only hold one phone at a go. It’s mountable on the center console or the windscreen with ease and without the use of tools. Once installed, it stays firm and keeps the phone firmly in place. It can hold a Cellphone of up 9.5-inch width thus ideal for most of the modern phones. Its long arm of 14cm means you can adjust its proximity for a better view of your phone.

5. Grandey Car Cellphone Holder


If you are searching for a universal car mobile phone holder, then this could be your best option. It mounts perfectly on the dash, windshield or the center console. Again, it comes with a 360-degree swivel head for adjusting the angles of view. It originates from high-quality plastic, which makes it light but durable. It firmly hugs the phone in place to keep it steady for convenient access. It comes with an elegant black theme which makes it appealing to the eyes. You can also use it to hold other devices like car MP3 players.

4. CamilyTM Magnetic Car Mount Holder


This holder uses strong intensive magnetic force to grip the phone in place. It’s universal and works on any phone. The base of this product consists of high-quality rubber that ensures the holder will remain stable on the air vent of the car regardless the ground terrain. The magnetic mount is simply designed to guarantee its compatibility with all mobile phones. You can swivel it in all directions to suit your sitting position. Mounting and ejecting of this phone holder is done effortlessly. All you need is your hands and no tools.

3. Design Toscano Versilius Cell Phone Holder


The word unique’ is often misused, but the Design Toscano is one of the unique products in this niche. It comes at a standard size and weighs about a pound. The design mimics a dragon. Also, it’s put together by real crushed stone bounded with designer resign. Each piece is specially made and individually painted in a gray stone finish which means that no two Design Toscano holders are similar. All these incredible features collaborate to make this car phone holder a one of a kind.

2. Störch FrontSeat- Smartphone Car Holder


The Storch phone holder is installed easily without the use of tools. It mounts perfectly on the dash or windscreen depending on your preferences. It has a retractable holder which fits most phones and tablets. It’s designed with a protective pad to protect the tablet or phone from scratching. The mounted ball joint ensures that you can swivel it to your preferred direction for the best viewing angle. You can also decide to switch the view horizontally or vertically.

1. NoChoice Magnetic Dash


This package includes one magnetic phone socket, two alcohol prep pads, and two ball mounts. Any phone is gripped firmly by the big and potent magnetic plug. The robust magnet on this product is made with a powerful neodymium and a silicon center to ensure safe usage for both phones and tablets. It provides a smooth slide for easy mounting and ejection of your phone. It’s a high-quality product that combines ease of use and practicality.

Carphone holders provide excellent convenience while driving. Once you purchase one from the best and put it into use, you’ll wonder how you survived on the roads before without them. The above listing will put you in a good position to make a smart decision on what model suits your needs. Begin using a quality car cell phone holder and escape possible accidents that result from concentrating on your phone while driving.

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