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Top 10 Best Crib Mattresses in 2019 Reviews

Sleeping is one of the most critical parts in the development of a child. By having enough and good quality sleep, mental and physical health is boosted. If the baby is spending time on a poor quality mattress, there is a risk of deformed bones. On the other hand, a firm crib mattress is preferred to avoid suffocating your kid. These mattresses are available in various types such as foam, innerspring and organic. Before you buy a crib mattress for your child, it is advisable to go for the top quality with enough venting, firm and the right size. The list below features an assessment of the 2019 10 best crib mattresses.

10. Sealy Baby Posturepedic-Crib Mattress


Sealy Baby Posturepedic is crafted by experts who have kids in mind. One of the key features is the kids’ comfort. It houses adult grade coils for the enough strength to secure the child. As the baby moves, its weight is equally distributed. The cover is hospital grade material, and it is waterproof. The four layers pad offers extra comfort. This mattress has thoroughly been tested and passed flammable tests. Health wise it is Greenguard certified for low chemical release. Pads were voted as the best, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

9. Kolcraft Pure Sleep-Therapeutic 150 Crib Mattress


Nothing is fulfilling like seeing your baby grow as he enjoys the sleep. Kolcraft is the answer to every parent. It can support even the heaviest toddler with its 150 gauge steel coils. Further comfort and health benefit is the waterproof cover together with lock stitch waterproof which keeps mattress water and stains free. The cushioning material is heavy duty polyurethane foam. Also, there are other hypo-allergic materials such as cotton and polyester foam. Sleeping on this mattress is secure as it has little chemical release thereby Greenguard certified. Besides, it has been certified on flammability tests and other serious chemicals such as lead. On purchase, it comes with 10 years warranty.

8. Simmons Kids Ultra Deluxe 2 n 1 Crib Mattress-Neutral


It is worth to give your child a cozy sleep. With this deluxe crib mattress, it offers a full support and comfort. The firm cover material is firm, thus no suffocation. Unlike other mattresses, this one allows equal distribution of weight through pocketed springs. There are no dangerous chemicals used in its make as it utilizes natural cotton. Your kid will sleep and wake up dry as the cover id waterproof and stain resistant. It features a 2-in-1fomulation, while it has passed all flammability tests.

7. Sealy Baby EM438-VIV1 Crib Mattress

Best Crib Mattresses

This crib mattress has all qualities that every parent aspires. When your toddler is sleeping on it, you are assured of safety, strength and comfort. No wet nights as it has a waterproof cover material. Firmness and strength are enhanced by steel edge wires and steel coils. Hypo allergic cushioning and padding materials ensure a cozy sleep whole night. The mattress does not compromise your kid’s health. It allows equal weight distribution while offering safe indoors conditions. Greenguard certifies it, and it has passed all flammability tests.

6. My First Premium Memory Foam Crib Mattress-Removable Waterproof Cover


While choosing a mattress for your kid, be sure you select the best for him. My first mattress is going to make your kid love the bed times. One of the most amazing is that it provides a healthy environment to children; it is insect and bacteria proof. Additionally, no toxic substances the can be hazardous to your toddler. The high density cushioning foam is hypo allergic. The upper covering material is removable, washable and waterproof. CertRUR-US certifies the mattress due to its flexibility.

5. Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress


Sealy crib mattress is one of the uniquely designed to offer infants cozy and safe sleep. Children sleeping on this mattress enjoy a good quality air due to its elaborate vent system. It is super firm, light and strong. The soya oil from farmers is used in manufacturing foam. Waterproof cover coupled with stain resistance, allows baby to enjoy a dry night. Dryness discourages mold from developing. As the child grows, this mattress can be adjusted according to the kid’s height. Greenguard certifies this mattress together with being voted as best in 2013-2014 by women choice.

4. Kolcraft Cozy Portable Crib Mattress-Lily-Best Crib Mattresses


Parents are always happy when they are sure their kid a having a refreshing sleep. This can be indicated by how a child behaves when asleep. Kolcraft Cozy is a heavy duty mattress made of hypo allergic polyester. The material is soft yet firm to enhance comfort while avoiding suffocation. It is durable as it features a sturdy non-tearing and waterproof cover material. All these combinations prohibit bacteria and molds. It is safe having passed all safety and health tests. Flat strapless surface without buckle enables it to be safe for toddlers. The mattress is ideal for portable cribs.

3. Dream On Me Spring Crib Mattress-Twilight


Let your baby enjoy a high quality crafted crib mattress for full satisfaction. The Dream on me is a highly engineered mattress to achieve a light weighted product yet durable and reliable. It consists 80 heat treated and interwoven coils to offer a sturdy platform. Toddlers are guaranteed of comfort due to two layers of hypo allergic cautioning layers. It is certified for health and structural safety. The outer cover is waterproof providing microbes’ free environment.

2. Dream On Me 3 Crib Mattress-Portable (White)


Sleeping on this crib mattress kid safety and comfort are like when cuddled in her mother’s arms. The cuddling is possible due to high craftsmanship employed in the construction of this mattress. It is made from non-allergic cushioning materials while featuring a waterproof, anti-microbial cover. It designed to fit into a standard crib. Mattress is 16 CFR 1633 flammability compliant and non-toxic substance certified.

1. Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress-white


As the name suggest your baby’s safety is the top most priority. The materials used to produce this mattress are hypo-allergic to provide smooth and peaceful sleep. It can fully support your kid without risking due to a heavy duty thermal bound core. Sturdy materials provide long-term durability. The outer cover is made of Polypropylene to guard it against water and stains. Also, it prevents build up harmful microorganisms. Greenguard approves this product.

Crib mattresses are the most essential and vital product that enables a child to develop. Having listed some of the best mattresses, it is now for the parents to take a step and offer their young ones a super night.

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