Top 10 Best Facial Tissues in 2017 Reviews

Just as its name sounds, facial tissues can be used to clean your face in general. They can wipe your nose, mouth, sweat, and eyes. They get in contact with your body. Your health is imperative above everything else. Unlike handkerchiefs, facial tissues are said to be more hygienic when used, if you have a running nose. Choosing the best facial tissue is very vital to you. It is crucial that you pick a tissue that will not irritate you when using because it gets in contact with your body each time you use it. To help you get one that will give you good hygienic services, we reviewed the facial tissues below.

10. Puffs Basic Facial Tissues (Pack of 3)


Puffs are perfect for allergic customers. They are simply ideal for nasal outflows. They are strong enough and soft enough. The boxes have cartoon pictures of animals on them, which are not perfect for the house. Puffies are unscented. They are useful for touch ups and makeup smudges. You will not only love the gentleness and smoothness of this face tissue, but also the efficiency when you are wiping your face.

9. Boardwalk 6500 Facial Tissue, Flat Box, 2-Ply (30 Packs of 100)


For normal tissues they are excellent. The price is reasonable. For those people who want to save some cash, this is the pack for you. There are a couple of drawbacks with the pack. There have been complaining about the packaging. One side of the box is sealed with too much glue. However, these tissues are not recommendable for people with severe allergies.

8. Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues, Medium Count Flat, 160 ct, four pack


They are gentle on your face and your hands. They have a two-ply thickness. They are absorbent and disposable for facial moisture. They come in cube tissue boxes with 210 tissues per box. There is a 15% discount on every pack. The Kleenex Company has been doing this since 1924. Some people are pleased with how thick they are. They are perfect as a sneeze shield.

7. Kleenex Facial Tissue – 55 2-ply Box


These facial tissues are four boxes each containing 55 tissues. They are not towels. The designs on the package may vary. You can never go wrong with an established brand as Kleenex. The only concern with most customers is the price. For a pack of 55 tissues most felt, there were cheaper options. There have also been concerns with the softness of the tissue.

6. Quilted Northern Ultra Facial Tissue


These tissues will surprise you the first time you use them. They have a two-ply thickness, and yet they are very soft. The design on the box is not appealing. In comparison with competitors, these tissues are very absorbent. They are not going to break apart even when you use them. Each case has sixty or five tissues.

5. Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues


These have a two-ply thickness. Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues are gentle and soft to use for your face and your hands. Kleenex tissues are absorbent and disposable. They will lock in the moisture on your face on a sweaty day. There is a discount for this pack. Tissue boxes come in a cube shaped colorful designs. The only complaint from customers is the little tissue sheet count for a higher price.

4. Kimberly-Clark Kleenex Facial Tissue


This is a facial tissue brand with 125 tissues in a case. The Forest Stewardship Council certifies them. Before the package clears out, the last ten sheets age cream in color so you know it’s time to buy another. They are the perfect sneeze guard for you and your family. The only drawback with this tissue is that you have to be gentle when pulling out a tissue. Too much force and you could tear the box.

3. Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong Facial Tissues, Medium Count Flat, six-pack-Best Facial Tissues


These are flat tissues with 170 tissues per box. They come in a variety of colors and designs. You can save up to fifteen percent with every purchase. They are ideal when you have guests over and for day-to-day use. Kleenex tissues can be used for makeup smudges and sneezes. If you are allergic, these tissues are odorless and scentless.

2. Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues


This is a three-ply tissue pack perfect for times when you are having a sweaty day. They are also ideal for times you get that unexpected flu. They can be used when leaving the restroom and wait to dry off your hands. Each box comes with a plastic covering sheet. They come in nicely decorated boxes. Customers complain they stick to their face. Therefore if you are to dry your face, you can only dab with it. It is one of the best that you can find in many shop outlets.

1. Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong Facial Tissues


You will surely like this facial tissue. It is unique and exceptional. A gentle and soft facial tissue is appealing to the skin. Kleenex is a famous brand in the soft tissue space. This pack comes with a three layers of thick paper tissue. Its layers are thin, but they absorb the facial moisture. Kleenex tissue pad is disposable. The pack comes with 120 tissues. This package comes with a discount. So, if you do not want to spend an extra coin on facial tissues with no value, get Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissue.

When purchasing a facial tissue, always consider its value. It is important to find out if the particular tissue you want to buy has some side effects. Also be careful when using them because some of them are not good to use on your eyeglasses. A good facial tissue is incredibly soft and has a design that prevents irritating effects. Choose a facial tissue, which anyone in your family can use including kids, and feel comfortable. Use this review and help your family have the right facial tissue this season.

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