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Top 10 Best Game Cameras in 2019 Reviews

You’d obviously want a camera that not only enhances your hunting endeavors but one that also makes the whole experience enjoyable. You need a great game camera to help contribute to making the most out of your game viewing and hunting experience. Game cameras are available in a wide variety of styles today. Below we feature the top 10 best game cameras in 2016 reviews to help you make a wise choice when purchasing one among the many different models and brands available. This list is a result of intensive research, and takes many factors into account, including our personal experience with the different cameras, reviews from other users and assessment of the actual features each camera is offering.

10. Covert Special Ops Code-Black 3G Wireless Game Camera


Some people would be amazed to realize that the Special Ops Code-Black is the only game camera with 3G functionality in this list. Through a SIM card, you can automatically send media from your camera to your email or cellphone. The Code-Black has won several awards, including the Best Buy in 2012 by Inside Archery. 60 invisible flash LEDs with a 1.2-second trigger speed make this camera perfect for game and hunting purposes. 12 AA batteries are needed, and at full functionality, the Code-Black will easily last a year without having to replace the batteries.

9. Browning Dark Ops Trail Camera


With a 0.67-second trigger speed, the Dark Ops is a 10MP intermediate-to-expert game cam that can record up to 2-minute HD videos with audio. Its 70-feet flash range works perfectly well outdoors, but can double the same effectiveness as home security. 6AA batteries provide up to 1-year usage. Weighing just one lbs., the package ships with the Buck-Watch, time-lapse viewer software. It has an invisible flash that won’t alert any subject when capturing pictures or recording videos. Browning’s Dark Ops supports SD cards of up to 32GB. This model has been conveniently designed for intermediate, advanced and expert users.

8. Bushnell X-8 6MP Game Camera


Bushnell’s X-8 hovers at around the low-to-mid price range. It’s a non-HD trail cam that can capture photos at 6MP in full color using its auto-sensors. It comes with 8AA batteries which can last up to 9 months. 36 night-vision LEDS perform a great job at catching all the action, especially when used wisely with the time-lapse mode. This way, you can take photos at a manually-set 1-60 minute. All programmable options are easy for beginners to use. The unit weighs in at around 1.1 lbs., and you can access time, date, and temperature and Moon stamps for each shot taken. It’s a great option for budget-minded users who’re seeking a top performing game camera.

7. Day-6 Plot Watcher Pro HD Surveillance System


The Day-6 Plot Watcher is yet another great game surveillance system. It separates itself from other brands without sacrificing essential features. Bearing a small shape and a 9.6-ounce weight, you can position it anywhere you want. All levels of users can benefit from the features the Day-6 Plot Watcher offers. Although severe weather conditions might alter this camera’s performance, it still does a considerably good job at both day- and night- time viewing. A 2.5-inch LCD screen has been embedded in the unit, allowing for easier and convenient viewing. Yes, there are a lot of small cameras, but very few offer decent pictures and 720p videos. The Day-6 Plot Watcher deserves its spot on this lot, especially when we consider the overall value it gives the user.

6. Moultrie MCG-12634 M990i Game Camera


The popular Moultrie M990i comes packaged with two game cameras, two mini-security boxes, and 2 Kingston 4GB SD cards. Moultrie’s proprietary Mossy Oak camouflage design keeps your camera hidden and looking great. This feature-rich model includes No-Glow technology that is undetectable to the eye without compromising the image quality. Additionally, Moultrie has incorporated Motion Freeze technology in the M990i to help reduce nighttime blur. It offers four operational modes, including time-lapse, IR and motion-detect at day and night. Testimonies from other users convey appreciation for this model’s build and quality. Overall, the M990i has some amazing features which offer great value for such a price.

5. Stealth Cam G30 Triad


The G30 is undeniably outstanding. It has top video quality and a satisfactory performance and battery life. The G30 Triad has 30 IR emitters that have an 80-feet reach. The 0.50-second reflex trigger, along with its advanced blur reduction technology, gives this camera the ability to capture photos and videos in amazingly fine detail at any lighting condition, without any problem. The camera comes secured in a sturdy, easy-to-open shell. It can support SD cards of up to 32GB storage capacity and features password encryption to help protect your data.

4. Bushnell Trophy Cam Hybrid Trail Cam HD


The 8MP Bushnell Trophy Cam takes 720p video with audio up to 60 seconds in length. Additionally, it has a hybrid mode which can take both High Definition pictures and videos at the same time. The interface and user options are well thought out to suit both intermediate and expert users. The images captured are suitably detailed and crisp, featuring time, date, temperature and moon phase information. This unit is weatherproof and weighs around 1 lbs. The night vision flash makes use of 32 black LEDs, with a range of up to 80 feet. If you’re seeking a game cam that will offer you remarkable resolution and top quality pictures, Bushnell’s 8MP Trophy Cam should be among your top considerations.

3. Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential Trail Cam (6MP)-Best Game Cameras


The medium-priced Trophy Cam Essential Trail Cam is a product that boasts a killer design and decent features. Using its auto-sensors, it adjusts automatically to take full advantage of the camera’s capability. You’ll get considerable control over multiple situations, thanks to the Motion-activated PIR sensor that can activate from 45 feet out. With the lightning fast 0.8-second trigger speed, expect to get near-perfect captures, no matter what time it’s. The Supreme power-saving settings allow this cam’s batteries to last up to one year. Videos are shot at 720 x 480, and last up to 1 minute with audio. If you’re seeking a camera that’s kind when it comes to battery life, this version would be a worthwhile purchase.

2. Browning Strike Force Sub-Micro Game Cam


The Strike Force Sub-Micro 10MP game camera boasts a fast 0.67-second trigger-time with a 100-ft flash range. It’s able to record HD video clips with sound up to two minutes in length. The Zero-Blur Night mode is an exclusive feature as it guarantees clear and crisp night viewing. From this lightweight package, you’ll get a high 720p HD, better detection range, clear video, and crisper picture. It captures comparable quality High Definition photos using power from 6 AA batteries. This cam is recommended for advanced users to take full advantage of its capabilities. Reasonably priced and affordable, the 10MP Sub-Micro works perfectly for scouting and game viewing, and equally for home use.

1. Stealth Cam G42NG Game Camera


Here’s a mid-to-high priced advanced camera specially designed for intermediate to expert users. Well, this model has a quite a lot to offer. It features a variable 4-resolution camera that’s capable of capturing 2, 4, 8 and 10MP recordings. The whole unit is supported by 43 black Infrared Light emitters, with a 100-feet range. The G42NG tops the list for several unique features, including its 11.4-ounce weight. You can make use of it as both a game and scout camera. It holds up pretty well in even severe weather conditions. The G42NG has received many positive user reviews, most of which praise its top performance and durability. It offers way much more value for its price!

With the multitude of game cameras available, most people will find it difficult to choose one that would suit them best. The above review guides you in selecting the game camera that best suits your needs. We’ve checked the different game cameras side by side to help you decide what you’d want in your game cam. Note that you should consider where you’ll be mounting your camera, what kind of flash will work best for you, and several other factors. With the guide above, you’re armed with all information you’d need to make a wise decision and are well on your way to the ultimate game experience.

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