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Top 10 Best Leather Wallets & Purses for Women in 2019 Reviews

Below is a list of some of the best Leather Wallets & Purses for Women in 2019 as found on Amazon. If you are in the market for a leather wallet, then take a look at these and decide which you feel is best for you.

10. Women Long leather Wallet Zipper Around Print Rose

This genuine leather wallet consists of a fantastic rose pattern and a zipper to close it. It has eight slots for cards and six pockets. There is also a zippered pocket in which you can store coins. You can also keep your phone in here—as big as a Note 4 or iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6S). The design of this wallet is nice and simple. It is also lightweight and comes in a variety of colors.

9. Women’s leather wallet, Eilen Morning Glory pattern Genuine Leather Purse Case Long Organizer Wallet Zippered Around Clutch

This wallet is made of high-quality genuine leather. It consists of a wonderful Morning Glory pattern and overall unique styling. It is comfortable to touch and elegant when you look at it. It has a metallic zipper to close it. It comprises of two sections. You can store eight cards in their own slots. It has one pocket with a zipper for coins; it has a couple of receipt holders and a pocket for a 5-inch phone.

8. Eilen Women Soft Genuine Leather Zipper Around Clutch Long Wallet Evening Purse Case Handbag

This is made of genuine leather. It has a triple-decker design with a number of slots. It also has a zipper to close it. There are six slots for cards, two for bank notes, a pocket for a phone, and a pocket with a zipper.

7. Women’s Genuine Leather Long Tri-fold Wallet

This premium leather wallet comes with a money back guarantee when you buy it from Amazon. Its leather is made of waxed cowhide, but it cannot handle water or any form of moisture. It is actually very sensitive. However, it comes with 12 card holders, a single pocket for coins, and four more for bills.

6. Women’s Genuine Leather Zipper Wallet Card Case Purse

This 100 percent leather wallet is provided safety and security. It has 18 different card slots. It has two zipper pockets. It also has pockets for a phone, bank notes, coins, etc. The credit card slots come with RFID technology to allow for maximum security.

5. Women’s Organizer Wallet-Leather Wallets & Purses for Women

This leather wallet has a multi-storey fold design. It also has a zipper and snaps for security. Its hardware is quality gold. It looks elegant. It has 20 slots for cards, one for a photo, one for a phone, and a couple of your bills. It is also available in a variety of colours.

4. Women’s Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Wallet with Zipper Pocket

This is a top grain leather wallet with a waxing finish. It looks and feels absolutely amazing. It can carry an iPhone 6 very comfortably. It, too, contains a multi-storey fold design that allows you to store many things in an organized fashion. It has 21 slots for cards, one for a photo and four zippered compartments. It is a true masterpiece that not only provides maximum security and organization but a feel of elegance as well.

3. Women’s Soft Napa Leather RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

This Napa leather wallet comes with security for your RFID credit and debit cards. This wallet has a tri-fold design that allows you to store more than 14 cards securely. You also get four pockets for bills. You can even keep a chequebook in here. There is a zippered pocket in which you can store your coins. When you buy this wallet from Amazon, you get a money back guarantee. But, you are guaranteed to be using this wallet for just about the rest of your life, negating the need for that money back guarantee.

2. Women’s Large Capacity Luxury Waxy Genuine Leather Wallet with Zipper Pocket

This wallet has brilliant gold coloured hardware that makes up its durable zipper, which provides security for your stuff. It is made with high-quality stitching and won’t get damaged regardless of how long you use it. It has a multi-storey design which allows you to keep multiple things securely and in an organized manner. It has 19 slots for cards, two for photos, one removable card holder, four for bank notes, one zippered one for coins and one for a phone.

1. Women’s Large Capacity Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet with Zipper Pocket Smartphone Purse
Leather Wallets & Purses for Women

This genuine leather wallet is very high quality and chic. It is big enough to contain 21 card slots, two interlayer slots for bills, one for a photo, a dark zippered layer for a phone or coins, a flip bag for coins or a phone as well. This is truly an amazing wallet that looks and feels amazing and that provides the utmost security for your things.

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