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Top 10 Best Luggage Sets in 2019 Reviews

As a modern traveler, you need to have packages containing small possessions, clothing, trip necessities, toiletries, etc. Luggage consists of cases, bags, and containers that hold your possessions while in transit. Luggage has changed over time and is now lightweight, smaller and sophisticated. Modern luggage sets have locks which serve multiple purposes, are expandable; meaning some of them can be unzipped for more packing space, and have wheels for easy transportation.

10. Nautica Luggage Catamaran 2 Four Piece Stylish Set


This luggage set is 100% Polyester, has textile lining and zipper closure. It is spot clean and has in -line skate wheels with metal balls for easy and smooth rolling. It has telescoping handles that feature a push-button locking mechanism. The suitcases are expandable for extra packing space. The interior is fully lined with inside organizing pockets. It features self-repairing zippers.

9. IT Luggage Pulsar Polypropylene Three piece set

Best Luggage Sets

This 3 piece luggage set is made of Polypropylene. This is an impact-resistant material and is one of the toughest and most durable plastic ever made. It includes a 29.9-inch large trolley case, a 25.6-inch medium trolley case and a 22 inch carry on. They have wheels and telescopic handles. It has 4 multi-directional spinner wheels that turn 360 degrees providing smooth and easy movement. There is a single expander that increases packing space by 25 percent.

8. Merax Travelhouse Two Pc ABS Luggage Set Vintage Suitcase


This is a 2 piece luggage set consisting of a 20 inch and 24 inches upright. It has a squared full capacity design and the interior is lined with organizing pockets. It features multi-directional silent spinner wheels for easy maneuverability. Both pieces are equipped with sturdy ergonomic pure aluminum telescoping handles

7. Ricardo Beverly Hills Greenfield Two-Pc 4 Wheeled Luggage Set


The luggage set is made of Polycarbonate. It consists of a 27 inch, 4 wheeled upright and a 20 inch, 4 wheeled upright. They are fitted with Corner armor which provides added protection at important stress points. Both pieces open book style and the zippered compartments enhance packing flexibility. In addition, they are equipped with double spinner wheel system which rotates 360 degrees for easy maneuverability. It features a multi-stage locking pull handle system which can be adjusted to a comfortable height.

6. Rosetti Poppy Three-Pc Expandable Spinner Luggage Set


This set is made of a nylon/ fabric blend. It is lightweight and an extremely durable material. It has two front zippered pockets for additional packaging. It is fitted with spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees, and a telescopic handle with a push button locking mechanism. In the interior, it is fitted with tie tapes to keep clothing in place while in transit.

5. Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb Expandable Luggage Spinner Wheeled Suitcase-Best Luggage Sets


This is a two-piece luggage set. It is a lightweight hard-sided design that is fitted with a pull handle that has a deluxe locking push button system. It also has top and side handles for easy lifting. The ABS exterior is durable and stylish. The pieces, the smaller 20 inch, and the large 29 inch, can be expanded to increase packing space by 30 percent. They are equipped with 8 wheels with a multi-directional 360-degree spin technology. The interior is lined with tear-resistant PVC for extra protection and is fitted with zipper pockets, garment restraints, mesh zipper pockets and accessory pockets.

4. Ninewest Luggage Super Sign 4- Piece Luggage Set


This luggage set is made of a Cotton/ Polyester blend. The suitcases are expandable for extra packing space. They have two exterior pockets and are fitted with top and side handles for easy lifting, and recessed telescoping trolley handles with a push button locking mechanism. The cases are equipped with four wheel spinner system for smooth rolling. The interior is fully lined and has built- in shoe pockets, mesh pocket, adjustable valet straps, a removable cinch shoe bag, and a zip away tote which has a fully lined interior and a padded laptop area.

3. Traveler’s Choice Midway Two-Piece Hard side Expandable Luggage Set


The two piece luggage set is made of 100% Polycarbonate-ABS materials. The two spinner uprights are equipped with a multiple stages retractable two-tone aluminum handle system, and multi-directional spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuverability. Moreover, this cases can be expanded to increase packing capacity by 30 per cent. The interior is fully lined with zippered compartment, cross straps to hold clothing in place while in transit, self-mending zippers and has a center pocket.

2. Kemyer 1000 Plus Series Three-Piece Exp Spinner Luggage Set


This 3 piece luggage set is made of polyester. There is a large 29-inch suitcase, a medium 25-inch suitcase, and a 21-inch suitcase. Each of the pieces is fitted with two exteriors and two interior zipper pockets. The cases are equipped with pull handles, top, side and bottom handles for easy lifting. This improved luggage set features thick zippers making it even more resistant. It can be expanded to provide 30 per cent extra packing space. The interior is fitted with holding straps and separate pouch. It is fitted with 4 wheels with multi-directional 360-degree rotational capability for convenient handling.

1. Kemyer 888 Vintage World Series Lightweight Three -Piece Exp Hard side Spinner Luggage Set


This three pieces luggage set is made of Polycarbonate. It is light weight and has a fully lined interior. It is a fashionable vintage with double inline skate spinner wheels. It features a side carrying handle and a telescoping pull handle. The interior is fitted with tie-down straps, a zippered divider, a zippered mesh pocket and a shoe pocket.

There is a wide range of luggage sets available. There is a luggage set to suit every need, style, and pocket. When deciding on a luggage set make sure that it can accommodate your possession, it allows for easy maneuverability and is strong enough to withstand the rigors of travel. Choose a set that you will be comfortable with. Remember that the luggage and its style could be communicating something about you.

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