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Top 10 Best MacBook Air Cases, Covers & Sleeves in 2019 Reviews

Having a new MacBook is everyone’s dream. It is a great machine that leaves people amazed. While many people tend to keep their laptops naked, it is important to cover them due to uncertainties. There are different types of covers and sleeves available, and each brand has their protection scale. A good case and sleeves should be able to provide security to your computer against scratches, shock in case of falling, protection against spillages and comfort when typing. So as to understand better which covers and sleeves fit your laptop, we are going to analyze the best top 10 best MacBook Air cases and sleeves in 2019.

10. Mosiso Laptop Sleeve-Canvas Fabric 14 Inch Laptop with Small case for MacBook charger

Mosiso Laptop Sleeve-Canvas Fabric 14 Inch Laptop with Small case for MacBook charger

Give your MacBook a safe place to rest. This sleeve is stylishly designed adding beauty when carrying it. The chevron style printed exteriors add a charming look to your computer. In case your laptop drops, it cannot suffer shock or break since the sleeve padded heavily with foam. It also actively guards laptops against scratches and bumps. Carrying it is convenient as it is thinly structured to fit in your briefcase. The zipper holds the laptop in place securely. 14 inches laptop fits in it perfectly.

9. Rubberized Hard Case Cover for MacBook from Top Case with mouse pad

Rubberized Hard Case Cover for MacBook from Top Case with mouse pad

This case is all your laptop needs to remain in a clean state. It offers a high-quality protection to your machine through pure 100% rubber. Colors differ depending on your preference. It is designed to fit on 11 inches MacBook AIR. With this cover, your computer is safe from scratches and hard knocks. It perfectly fit into your laptop leaving all ports accessible. Also, you will have full access to buttons.

8. Mosiso MacBook Air 13’’ Case, Premium Quality PU Leather Book Cover Clip On Sleeve Case Cover for MacBook Air 13.3″ (A1466 & A1369)

Mosiso MacBook Air 13’’ Case, Premium

Give your laptop ultimate security while enjoying comfort as you type. This sleeve case cover from Mosiso is uniquely designed to offer best services. It features a well-padded cover made of leather, to protect your laptop against shocks, bumps, and scratches. When you want to plug in a charger and other accessories, no need to remove it as it has all cut outs. The magnetically closed sleeve cover enables your MacBook is securely held. Access to buttons is possible without removing it.

7. ProCase 13 – 13.5” Sleeve Cover/ Protective bag-MacBook Air Cases, Covers & Sleeves

ProCase 13 - 13.5'' Sleeve Cover/ Protective bag-MacBook Air Cases, Covers & Sleeves

Carry your computer with confidence and style; ProCase is all you need. It is thin, light and portable thus you can go with it almost everywhere. The exterior specially made from environmentally friendly fabrics. The material is dust proof and thick, thus effective in preventing shocks and bumps. The front part has extra pockets where you can store other accessories like chargers and cables. The sleeve can open in 180 degrees as it has two zippers and it is designed for Macbook Air/Pro (Retina) and Surface book13’’.

6. Runetz Hot Teal Neoprene Sleeve Case Cover- Color vary

Runetz Hot Teal Neoprene Sleeve Case Cover- Color vary

The Neoprene case cover from Runetz provides premium protection to your MacBook Pro/Air 13’’. The laptop fit perfectly in the case thus firmly held eliminating unnecessary movements. The inner side has a thick padding to ensure no shocks or bumps. There is also a zipper which adds extra security but preventing pop up in the case of a drop. Its slim nature allows it to fit in your bag easily.

5. Plemo Water-Resistant Sleeve Case Bag Cover-PVC Leather

Plemo Water-Resistant Sleeve Case Bag Cover-PVC Leather

Water is the greatest enemy of electronics; this sleeve case is crafted to ensure your laptop is safe and secure from liquids. It features PVC crafted exterior which is perfect in preventing bumps and shocks. Also, it is resistant against flaming, and statics. Your computer remains in a clean state as it is guarded against scratches. Charging and other plug-in activities are possible without removing it has port cut-outs. Extra pockets enable storing of other small gadgets. It is designed for 13 inches MacBook.

4. Inateck 11-11.6” MacBook Air Sleeve Case Cover -with Card Slot

Inateck 11-11.6'' MacBook Air Sleeve Case Cover -with Card Slot

Carry your laptop while experiencing a gentle and soft feel. This Inateck sleeve cover is made from an artificial leather material the offer safety and style. The leather is environmentally friendly as is recyclable. The computer is tightly held by thick paddings, while the inner lining prevents shocks and molds. Besides being a sleeve case cover, it acts as protective and carrying case. Side pockets allow for carrying of other components like notebooks. It comes with s small bag for keeping mouse and charger and can fit 11 inch MacBook Air.

3. Case Logic Display Sleeve LAPS-113-13.3’’-Black

Case Logic Display Sleeve LAPS-113-13.3’’-Black

Carry your laptop without fears of breaking or suffering from shock coupled with comfort. Case Logic sleeve is made to offer your computer premiums treat. It is designed with a precision that, 13 inches laptop will fit perfectly. The thick foam padding protects your computer from damage, shock, and bumps. Envelop design allows easy accessibility of laptop while on the other hand adding security. Its thin profile allows carrying in a bag.

2. Mosiso MacBook Air 13 Case, Clear Rubber Hard Cover

Mosiso MacBook Air 13 Case, Clear Rubber Hard Cover

The Mosiso rubber case is ideal for anybody with MacBook Air 13.3’’. It provides high-quality protection against scratches and impacts. The snap design allows full access to the keyboard. Ports accessibility is easy without removing the case as they are well cut out. Your laptop cannot suffer from overheating since the case well vented. These cases are available on a broad range of colors.

1. AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve 13.3’’

AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve 13.3’’


Carrying your laptop on while naked in a briefcase can be disastrous. With Amazon basic, you can relax and enjoy as your computer is secured. It is easy to access your laptop as it features an envelope design. The slim profile enables you to carry it alone or put it in your bag. The sleeve is very effective in protection against bumps, shock, and debris. It is designed for 13.3 inches laptops.

If you want your laptop to live for a longer period without having scratches, it prudent to cover it with reliable sleeve covers. Although it feels good when walking with your new MacBook uncovered, do not risk again. Choose one of the covers above and have your laptop as long as you wish.

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