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Top 10 Best Makeup Blenders & Sponges in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for an ideal tool for applying your makeup? Fret not! We are here for you. We have gone an extra mile to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

As we all know, women cannot be blamed for their love for make-up. I mean it is a part of their personality. Makeup blenders and sponges are tools that women naturally attach to in an attempt to get a perfect look. They are essential in applying foundation and always guarantee an elegant look for their users. Every woman who is up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion is characterized with a signature make-up blender and sponge that help them with their foundation.

Truth be told, getting the perfect makeup sponge comes as a challenge to many. However, or rather, fortunately, we have gone an extra mile to spice up things a little for you.

Let’s dig in more and find out the top ten best makeup sponges that are making headlines in the world of fashion.



This product comes in a lightweight and therefore easy to carry as you travel from place to place. It is very efficient when applying makeup. It comes with an appealing color and does not expand when wet. To add on this, it comes with a cute carrying bag making it easy to store. The sponge compliments the blender. It makes a lovely gift for your girlfriend or loved ones. It comes at a pocket-friendly price in addition to its high performance.

9. LIGHT GREEN CAETLE MINI-Best Makeup Blenders & Sponges


Are you in search of a good looking product? Then you have found the right product for you. This makeup tool comes in a light green color that is appealing to the eye. It is of a convenient size in both length and its width. Its smooth sponge works well with your skin. It does not swell when wet. Furthermore, this product does not cause any allergies. It is ideal for applying eye concealer.



This sponge comes with the ability to multitask. It comes with rounded ends which make it perfect to be used on the larger parts of the face. Furthermore, It comes with a precision that enables it to cover all the unevenness and the blemishes in the whole face. Its results are excellent as you end up with a stunningly smooth face and a perfect look. When used regularly and in the right way, your definition of beauty changes as it works accurately to correct parts of your face affected by stippling motion.


Best Makeup Blenders & Sponges

Are you looking for an odorless product? Then you have found the right blender and sponge for you. This product is soft thus suitable for people with extremely sensitive skin. It is ideal for applying foundation, cream, concealer, primer and blush. It is known to work excellently to give that look you always wanted.

Its sponge is designed from antimicrobial foam essential In fighting bacteria. Furthermore, this product is sturdy ensuring it is durable thus serves you long. It is flexible and works magic for all kinds of skins.



Think of four quality foundation puffs shaped in different ways to suit all your needs. Perfect right? This product comes with two varieties of puffs; tear drop and hour-glass shapes. It also comes in different colors. All this make this product appealing and flexible. The shapes make this product suitable for applying various types of makeup. You are always assured of a flawless look each time you use your foundation. To sum it up, its colors are appealing and attractive.



This product is just excellent, bearing in mind that it is free of latex, and it is odorless. It is also very light making it easy to carry around. It also comes with a super designed shape making it easy to hold while you apply makeup. Customers are well catered for as it does not contain any toxic elements. It ensures even application of powder giving you a stunning look that you will appreciate.



This product comes in 4 pieces. You will find these sponges surprising. They are made of different shapes including tear-drop and hour-glass shapes. They come in various colors to suit every taste. There are known to give stunning results. The shapes make these sponges easy to hold, thus applying your make-up is simplified. You need to clean them using a cleanser to ensure they last long.



The right size for this sponge makes it ideal to use while applying your makeup. It is regularly used to implement different types of makeup such as cream, primer, and the concealer just to mention but a few. It is developed from a high-grade material that guarantees its long life of service. It works excellently and does not leave behind streaks. It applies your makeup uniformly leaving a natural and appealing look. Cleaning it with a cleanser increase its lifetime to a great extent.



At number two Is this fantastic product. It is ideal for applying all types of makeup including powder, liquid, and cream. It results in a stunning look. It is perfect for everyday use and works perfectly even with a contoured skin. It comes with rounded ends that make it suitable for applying makeup on cheeks eyes and the area around the nose. It works on skin with blemishes to result in a beautiful skin. It comes with a flat edge ideal for contours.

1. Beauty Blender Micro Mini Sponge, Green



At our number, one is this fantastic product. It is popular for its versatility and its appealing results in applying makeup. It is easy to clean, making it last long. It is ideal for all types of makeup. You can choose to either use it wet or dry. It covers blemishes perfectly giving you that perfect look. It also hides all the depressed regions of the skin. It twists and stipples your makeup to give a stunning finish. It aims at preventing the effects of bacteria on your skin for those who are sensitive.

Having done all this for you, what remains is going for the product that suits you best. The rule of the thumb should always apply when purchasing these essential products. Cheap is always deceiving. Go for a quality product that will give you beautiful results and last long.

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