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Top 10 Best Modern Floor Lamps in 2019 Reviews

Proper lighting in our rooms or houses brings out a whole new look of our living areas. With good lamps, addressing lighting and at the same time decorating your home should be easy. Floor lamps find use in almost every modern home today. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, themes and functioning and themes. Regardless of whether you need a floor lamp for your bedroom, children’s room or your entire living room, there is always an ideal brand for you.

However, with different brands flooding the market today, identifying one that goes well with your room’s specifications is always an upward task to many.

So, are you in a dilemma of getting the best modern floor lamp? Fret not. In this article, we have everything it takes to get a quality floor lamp that suits your home excellently.

After a thorough research on the different models of floor lamps in the market today, we are glad to present you with reviews on the top ten best modern floor lamps available on the market this year 2019.

Read on to find out which brand suits your home or room best.

10. OK-5109f 62-Inch Crystal Silver Floor Lamp

Best Modern Floor Lamps

This is a high-quality floor lamp that comes with exceptional features. It provides you with everything you need to keep your home glamorous at all times. It is ideal fo indoor use. The general measurement of this floor light is around 17 x 17 x 62 inches. It comes with around 40 watt light that can give most extreme splendor in your home. It is simple to set-up, and the results of using this floor light are evident almost immediately. It comes with a brush silver metal body that makes it sturdy and therefore durable. Its white shade contributes to the general look of this floor light. This configuration can be exceptionally intriguing for the vast majority. It’s designed to be light with a weight of around 12.5 pounds that make it incredibly easy to handle and set-up. It features a corded electric framework facilitates the use of this product whenever needed.

9. Boston Harbor Three Lights 65″ Tree Lamp


Are you tired of purchasing inferior quality floor lamps that end up disappointing you? Then, say no more with this high-quality modern floor lamp. It features three powerful lights designed from satin and nickel materials. It features three expertly developed spotlights that can be adjusted by about 350 degrees and have a pivot that can extend by about 45 degrees, to give you the best lighting solution for your room. With proper care of this floor lamp, it should serve you for an incredibly long time giving you the best experience. Finally, it is designed from sturdy steel, a durable material that facilitates its long life.

8. LEDU Antique Floor Desk Lamp


This is a product that is geared towards helping its enthusiasts attain a unique look in their rooms. It comes with exceptional functioning that makes it rank among the best. This floor light features an extraordinary swing arm that supports your lighting needs adequately. It produces an excellent perusing light that can convey great shine for all its users. Just by a mere glance at this product, you will notice its modern cut-out plan that goes well with the current generation where people are always in search of a style. It features a great mix of antique metal finish that is known to be exceptionally intriguing to many people. Its chime shape design is extremely appealing for to all users and visitors to your room. Finally, it comes with a weighted base for enhancing the general soundness and safety of this floor light. Its solidness makes it a durable must have product.

7. Normande Lighting JS1-111 Trac 3-Light Tree Lamp


This product is receiving great love from its happy users as a result of its exceptional functioning and some added benefits. It comes with three separate flexible lights, allowing you to deal with its brilliance effortlessly. Every light comes with a separate switch so you can turn it on/off whenever needed. It has a size of around 14 x 10 x 60 inches small enough for convenient positioning in your room. It’s a product that is designed to be incredibly easy to set-up, therefore, can be used by people with less knowledge on floor lamps. Its customizable height permits you to place it at the most appropriate position to adequately light your room. This floor light has around 11 pounds. It’s, therefore, a lightweight product that is easy to handle. It comes with a corded electric force source, which works excellently in giving you the best lighting solution. This floor lamp has around 60 watts power for supporting your needs.

6. ORE International 3030BK 190W Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp


This just another quality modern floor lamp, that is gaining great popularity on the market. It features great functionality to suit all users. It comes with an incredibly robust 190-watt halogen bulb, designed to produce the best light and is sturdy thus lasts for a long time. It comes with an accessible switch that allows you to regulate the light from this floor lamp to suitable and comfortable levels. Its outer part is designed from a heavy-duty metal material that makes it sturdy and impacts resistant. With the many different colors available, including black, silver, burgundy and red, you can always find one that goes well with your room. Its dimensions are carefully selected to ensure that this floor lamp is very stable at any position in your room. Finally, this is a lightweight product that weighs only 15 pounds making it easy to handle and move from one corner to the other.

5. Adesso 3138-01 Wright 150-Watt 62.5-Inch Tall Floor Lamp


This modern floor lamp ranks among the best for well-known reasons. It’s a product designed with the consumer’s satisfaction as the priority. It features an attractive and eye-catching design that redefines the look of your room. Its bulbs are very powerful so you can be sure it will never disappoint. It’s a sturdy and stable floor lamp thanks to its robust walnut wood that makes it durable. It also features a white shade that controls the amount of light from its bulb. The shade comes in a convenient size of about 8.5*14.5 inches that is small to avoid consuming much of your space. Its modern open frame wins the heart of most customers. Finally, this product comes with a warranty, as a sign of manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of this modern floor lamp.

4. LIGHT IT by Fulcrum 20072-401 12 LED Floor Lamp


This is a high-grade modern floor lamp that doesn’t require any campaign to get your attention. Its design attracts most people. It features a creative, flexible gooseneck style that wins the hearts of many. It’s designed to meet and exceed high-quality standards in an attempt to serve you in the best way possible. Its LED lights are made to be strong and can last up to 100,000 hours. It is fitted with an AC adapter that makes it ideal for all rooms with a power source. It features a high-grade acrylic optical lens that is sturdy and therefore durable, to give you the best lighting experience.

3. Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp


This is just another superior quality modern floor lamp that is designed to deliver as it promises. It’s made easy to set-up and handle thanks to its gooseneck structure. Its bulbs produce a clear natural light that makes any operations in your room easy regardless of the time. With this model, you can adjust the brightness to suit different activities like reading and cooking. To eliminate the eyestrain caused by the flickering inferior quality brands, it comes with a flicker-eliminating system that ensures you are always comfortable with its light. Finally, this modern floor lamp is backed by a one-year warranty as a sign of confidence in its quality by the manufacturer.

2. Ikea 301.841.73 Holmo 46″ Floor Lamp


This is just another high-grade modern floor lamp that is designed with many useful benefits and excellent features. It’s a quality product that delivers sufficient and comfortable lighting in your room. It comes with a powerful LED bulb fitted with a 400 lumen that produces maximum brightness, which is controllable to suitable levels. It works correctly regardless of its position in your room. Its 46-inch height is expertly selected to ensure it illuminates a vast area. It features an attractive rice-paper shade that significantly improves the outward look of this product. With this modern floor lamp, you no longer need to worry about the position of your socket as it comes with 9 feet long cord for excellent positioning. Begin to enjoy the worth of your few coins with this beautiful floor lamp.

1. Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp-Best Modern Floor Lamps



This modern floor lamp gives the perfect definition of a quality product. It comes with exceptional features and functioning giving you an excellent lighting solution. It delivers about 1300 lumens, giving you the highest light in your room. Its position in your room is easily adjustable thanks to its flexible gooseneck design. It comes in a variety of colors, spoiling you with the choice to get a color that suits your room best. Your home decoration is enhanced by the incredible color you select. Say no more to poor quality brands with this modern floor lamp from Lavish Home.

All these modern floor lamps are designed to meet and exceed high-quality standards. They are therefore ideal for any of your rooms. However, the selection you make remains with you. It’s important to go for a high-quality product that will not only give you proper lighting but also serve you for a long time. Inferior quality brands could end up disappointing your efforts to redefine the look of your room. Don’t be dismayed to purchase a low-quality product.

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