Top 10 Best Pushup Stands in 2017 Reviews

Do you like doing pushups in a commercial gym environment or at home to stay fit and boost strength? Are you looking for a pushup stand that is capable of helping you to do more effective and deeper exercises without putting your health at risk or slipping? With the variety of push up stands on the market today, choosing the best push up to stand has become a difficult task. Fortunately, it’s not impossible. If you spend your cash on one of the following brands on the market, you can be assured to get a high-performance push up stand that offers great value for money. Below are the top 10 best pushup stands in 2017 reviews:

10. Tony Horton’s PowerStands


Tony Horton’s PowerStands are ergonomically designed to push up stand for doing the deep push-ups. These push-up stands are made using heavy-duty ABS plastics. Furthermore, all parts are premium-grade and durable. They also have a higher weight capacity, do not lose their shape or break easily and have the sturdy non-skid bass which protects users from injuries when working out on smooth floors. These stands also come with non-staining and the non-stick padded foam grips for added comfort. The angled handles usually reduce elbow and wrist strain whereas the functional system works well for professionals and beginners of all levels of fitness.

9. Perfect Pushup Stands


Whenever it comes to high-performance pushup stands, you can always depend on the well-established pedigree of Perfect Fitness to aid you to push the limits of endurance without having to risk regression or injury of the fitness goals that you’ve achieved this far. This is a sleek version of the established model and it features unique rotating handles that have been optimized to aid you to move your arms in a natural way as you would do when working with dumbbells or throwing punches. Moreover, its handles have also been optimized to guarantee a proper fit for any person; be they professional fitness enthusiasts or beginners.

8. KAZE SPORTS Pair of Pushup Stands


This stand targets several muscle groups around the shoulder, back, and chest. It has a heavy duty stainless steel construction that’s plated with chrome so as to provide a lifelong finish. It also features excellent grips which are padded to offer great user comfort. Moreover, this stand has the anti-slip feet that guarantee maximum floor protection.

7. CAP Barbell Push Up Bars


These push-up stands to feature the classic push up bar design without rotating handles. They are very sturdy push up bars made from a high quality and electroplated metal. The grip has been wrapped with a foamy material which is extremely comfortable. The feet of these bars are rubberized as well so that they won’t leave scratches on your floor or slip on any kind of surface.

6. The Perfect Workout System-Best Pushup Stands


This is possibly one of the highly advanced push-up stands. It is designed to sculpt, shape and build your upper body. The push up stand is scientifically proven to activate 58% more peak muscle as compared to standard bench press exercises. In addition, the stand comes when it’s fully assembled and ready for use.

5. HemingWeigh Foldable Push up Bars


This is a ultra-light pushup stand that features a unique foldable design. Its collapsible design increases the motion range so that more body muscles are engaged in the workouts for a complete routine. They also feature a comfortable cushioned support on the handles. The HemingWeigh Stands can be folded so as to pack them neatly. Weighing just around 2 pounds, these push-up stand are suitable for traveling.

4. Gorilla Fitness Push Up Bar


The Gorilla Fitness Stands are best loved for their safer push-up standards and strength. This is basically a set of 2 push-up stands that are made of high-quality steel. The stands are portable, durable and have secured comfort grips which protect the wrists and hands from injuries. The Gorilla Fitness stand is also very easy to use, supports deep workout routines and has durable non-slip feet which offer the needed stability and traction on all kinds of flooring. With every purchase from reputable stores, you will get a 356-days satisfaction guarantee.

3. Maximiza Push-up Bars


The Maximiza Pushup Stands are very sturdy and durable. The chrome plated stainless steel bars are extremely versatile and they sport a unique design as compared to other push up stands in the market. These stands are constructed from the steel pipe without any joints so as to provide greater strength. Moreover, they are easy to use and also feature a comfortable foam grip. This unit also comes with 2 trip sizes for a better degree of customization.

2. Red Gecko Fitness Push Up Bars


The Red Gecko Fitness Push up Bars is a set of two stands. The stands are made of a high-strength PVC resin so as to provide the maximum sturdiness. The stands are very durable and they also function well while working out the chest muscles and triceps. They are textured and padded with foam to offer a non-slip grip as you work out. Their base is fitted with the skid-resistant feet which cushion the floor finish against any possible damages.

1. GoFit Push-Up Stands with Foam Padded Grips


Do you want the ideal to push up to stand for working out your triceps and chest? Well, the GoFit Push-Up stand shall certainly suffice. This stand comes in a pair that’s made of the PVC resin so as to guarantee maximum strength and durability. The push up stand allows for a full range motion which functions to tone and builds the triceps muscles. The stand is also well-padded using foam and it features the anti-slip feet to offer maximum stability.

Maximize all your workout results by investing in these ultimate pushup stands. By using them you’re guaranteed to get more range for a complete workout on the upper body. They also stand out as being bestowing to their high effectiveness and pocket-friendly prices when it comes to exercising upper body muscles. When you invest in any of the above models, you can be assured to get more out of your daily workout routines.

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