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Top 10 Best Water Coolers in 2019 Reviews

Water is an essential commodity that a person should not lack in life. Doctors’ advise us to drink water regularly to avoid dehydration. One of the known facts is that drinking water can prevent some illness. There are many equipment available meant to assist in improving water quality. One of these gadgets is water coolers commonly known as dispensers. They are helpful especially during summer by keeping water cool hence more refreshing. Coolers are of my types. There is wall mounted, bottom load and table top dispensers. They are common in offices, homes and restaurants. If you are planning to acquire one, let us offer you a guide of the top ten best water coolers in 2019.

10. Denali BottleLess Water dispenser


The water cooler is perfectly going to add deco into your office room or at home. It features a sleek black stainless steel body. Unlike other dispensers which require bottle installation, this one has its stainless steel internal storage. It is also equipped with a water purification system to remove harmful elements such as lead and microorganisms. The kit can purify up to 1200 gallons. The machine hot or cold water dispensing is instant. Energy Star and UL certifies this water cooler.

9. Primo Top-Load Water Cooler, Stainless Steel-Black

Best Water Coolers

The primo top load is a water cooler designed to offer you water of your choice. Whether you want hot, warm or cold water, with just a press of a button it will be availed. The machine is designed to have high water flow mechanism hence more efficient. It comes with a top positioned push buttons control and children safety lock. The dispenser can fit 3 and 5 gallons bottles. Energy consumption is low, and it is has a mark of energy star for 25% less energy use. The LED light helps in water dispensing when there is insufficient light.

8. Whirlpool Self Cleaning water cooler with Bottom Loading Mechanism


The whirlpool water cooler is designed like no other cooler on the market today. It has many outstanding features that will leave you stunned. It has a self-cleaning mechanism to eliminate dirt and microbes through unstable oxygen to clean water. The digital display usually indicates when the process is running. The water dispensing method is 5th generation bottom Tech, where water is delivered by use of a suction pump. The water is kept in chilling condition, while hot water chamber is always steaming. Dispensing Faucets are unbreakable, and the machine can support 300lb of water.

7. Oasis-BTSA1SK STN w/WTG Artesian Cook ‘N Cold Bottled Water Cooler- WaterGuard System (Black)


Furnish your home with this smartly designed high-tech dispenser. The machine has a filter that cleans water before dispensing. This makes it ideal for both commercial and home applications. It is created with a sense of beauty as it features black stainless steel, thereby adding decoration to your room. When changing the bottle, no spillage is experienced due to water guard system. Handles allow easy transportation while drip trays are removable and dish washable.

6. Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser – UL/Energy Star Approved


Whether it is in the kitchen or office, this water dispenser will accomplish its mission without a hitch. It has both hot and cold water dispensing spouts; you can always refresh through crisp cool or piping hot water. It is energy star and certified to be energy efficient. On the other hand, it is children safe, and they cannot turn on hot tap by themselves. Compact design allows it to fit in small office rooms and kitchen without a struggle. It is possible to notice when water is running low through the top loading mechanism.

5. Clover D7A Bottleless Water Dispenser-Black-Best Water Coolers


It is not a necessarily you have a plastic bottle to enjoy dispenser services. The Clover D7A is designed to dispense water direct from the pipe. It has two stainless steel tanks for water storage, which are corrosion free. For cleaning this cooler, simple maintenance is required; only the ABS tray is detached for cleaning. Hot or cold water is instants upon need. D7A coolers come together with the machine.

4. Honeywell HWB1033W Freestanding Water Dispenser- White


Designed to be east to use the Honeywell water dispenser, is all that you need to keep refreshed with both hot and cold water. It is free standing and 41 inches tall. The white color finish adds a deco sense to the surrounding. Stainless steel storage tanks ensure no corrosion, while improving water tastes. With only 85 watts you can access hot/cold water all day long. It can operate on 3 and 5-gallon water bottles, with spill preventing prong. The cooler is ETL certified and comes with 1-year warranty.

3. Porcelain Water Dispenser-Black Striped and Wood Floor Stand


Forget about electricity powered water dispensers. This Porcelain based cooler is meant to dispense water in its natural way. It can hold 2.5 gallons with lead-free certification. The dispenser is placed on 27 inches tall black wooden stand and has lever faucet. For uneven surfaces, it comes with leveller. Protection ring is also available.

2. PRIMO WATER CORP Top-Loading Bottled Water Cooler


Stainless steel body furnished with black color is going to beautify your room. This machine has a single spout and 2.0 compression cooling system. You can enjoy the icy cold water or steam hot water. The stainless steel water tanks ensure your health is guaranteed while avoiding corrosion. It can only work with 5 and 3 gallons water bottles. Other containers rather the recommended are unsafe. Energy Star certifies this dispenser.

1. Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser -Innovative Slim Design- Top Loading


Avalon innovative slim design water dispenser is perfectly crafted for your home or office. It features two water spouts enabling you to choose cold or hot. Your children are secure as it has child safety lock. You get the top quality services with little energy consumption. Energy Star and UL certifies the dispenser as being energy efficient compliant. Its compactness makes it ideal for a variety of places. The top loading mechanism makes it easy to monitor the water level.

Being refreshed every time is a great deal for your mood and general health. Having a safe and efficient water cooler can significantly improve your living style. With the above analysis, it is now possible to grab the best cooler for your kitchen or offices.

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