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Top 10 Best Women Shoes for Nurses in 2019 Reviews

No one needs quality-made and comfortable shoes more than the nurses. Try working a few 12-hour shifts in a row using a pair of shoes that are just too short or narrow, and your feet shall be screaming in pain at the time you get home. It is an unfortunate truth that a lot of nurses suffer from shin splints, back pain, numbness, and many other physical aches because of poorly made or improperly fit shoes.

The key goal for nursing shoes is offering long-lasting comfort. The nurses’ feet not only need to be cushioned properly but the ankles, hips, back and knees also need to be fully supported. Fortunately, we are here to inform you about the availability of many options for quality-made, stylish and comfortable nursing shoes. Allow the feet to feel pain-free and comfortable during work by using the best nursing shoes. Below are the top 10 best women shoes for nurses in 2019 reviews:

10. G Med Women’s Nursing Clog


This is one of the highly recommended women shoes for nurses. The shoe is made from a good combination of polyester and cotton. This shoe provides comfortable use for nurses due to the fact that it’s made from lightweight materials. It can also provide extreme comfort for all customers. You’ll never feel tired when you use G Med Women’s Nursing Clog on a day-to-day basis. The product can also be used by dentists, dental assistants, doctors and any other person in medical niche. It’s easy for anyone to wear this nursing clog life.

9. Skechers Premium-Premix Slip on Shoes for Women

The Skechers line has produced a recognizable svelte shoe design that has endeared many sneakerheads for several years and this shoe model sports the same trademark design. In addition, it is extremely comfortable thanks to its padded tongue and elastic insets. It uses the EVA midsole for dependable shock absorption. The Skechers Premium-Premix Slip on Shoes for Women has been specially designed to be worn with minimal effort. Furthermore, it is equipped with durable non-marking rubber outsoles so as to prevent this shoe from slipping off thus making them great shoes for nurses.

8. Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On shoes


Alegria has been making great shoes for women nurses who need fun colors, motifs, and details. The Alegria Debra Slip-On shoes for Women comes in a wide range of beautiful motifs from the metallic flowers to the fun and faux snake’s skin to classic white and simple black. Alegria’s signature sign of a butterfly has also been handsomely placed on its heel.

Inside, the shoe is well-made. Its interior is quite roomy with a smooth natural arch and a large toe box. The insole is made of quality latex and aired cork. In addition, it has a rocker sole that lets each step to roll smoothly and easily across the floor.

7. Dansko Women’s Leather Clog


This women’s leather clog is designed to bring useful benefits to nurses. It’s made from very high-quality leather materials. As a result, you can use this leather clog for a long period of time. When you take a look at the shoe, you’ll find its synthetic sole. The heel measures around 2 inches so as to offer comfortable use for all users. You’ll never get tired or even get injured when you use the Dansko Women’s Leather Clog in your day-t-day life.

6. Nurse Mates Dove Slip-On Loafer for Women


This slip-on loafer has combined comfort and functionality to stunning effect thus making it one of the Nurse Mates’ most common products. The shoe is built to last for long thanks to its stain-resistant leather upper. When using Nurse Mates Dove Slip-On Loafer for Women, safety is always assured because of the slip-resistant rubber outsoles.

With steel shanks placed underneath to offer stability, these women shoes for nurses ensure safety and comfort during and also after your daily rounds. The shoe also has an ultra-lightweight sole construction that bolsters both comfort and mobility as you go through your daily tasks.

5. Timberland PRO Renova’s Slip On shoes

Best Women Shoes Nurses

These slip on shoes are packed with a plethora of features so as to offer an all-day comfort to busy healthcare workers. Using their exclusive Timberland PRO Anti-Fatigue technology, the shoe provides long-term relief from usual strains and pains received by the legs, the feet and the back from walking and standing for several hours daily. Equipped with an excellent heel-to-toe rocker sole, the shoe will enable you to go about your daily duties as a nurse. Moreover, the shoe looks sharp and it’s durable too courtesy of the microsuede linings and premium full-grain leather upper.

4. Grasshoppers Janey Lace up Sneakers for Women


This is yet another popular great shoe that you can use to support your nursing job. It is easy for anyone to use these sneakers in their daily life. The shoe is made from highly durable textile which can be used in improving the best performance and quality from the sneaker. You’ll never get injured while using this sneaker in your daily life. The shoe has a synthetic sole that’s available at the bottom of this sneaker. This role in this sneaker is specially designed to provide a comfortable and convenient use for nurses.

3. Alegria Paloma Flat Shoe for Women


Rocking the trendy animal’s print leather upper, the Alegria Paloma Flat Shoes add an extra flair to the boring nurse getup. The shoe has a wide range of features that bolster mobility and comfortability. With a removable and anatomically-correct footbed, the naturally breathable leather insole and a rocker outsole that usually relieves metatarsal and heel pressure, these clogs are designed to make your feet feel painless and fresh even after a twelve-hour long shift.

2. Cherokee Women’s Exact Clog-Best Women Shoes Nurses


Cherokee’s Women Exact Clog features a lightweight construction that will literally make you feel light on the feet even as you work for 10-12 hour shifts. Being man-made and built using flexible compound materials, the clogs offer exceptional workmanship and superior comfort.

They are also equipped with the slip-resistant rubber outsole for extra safety. Its insole is removable thus making it relatively easy to clean these clogs with water. The Cherokee Women’s Exact Clog comes in a wide range of colors and patterns including white and black.

1. WorkWear PEACOCK Women’s Step In


This is yet another great shoe from Cherokee. The shoe from features a lightweight outsole, a breathable and super soft lining inside as well as the double gored slip on technology. The shoe is also specifically designed for the women nurses. With that in mind, its foot bed is shaped anatomically to the typical foot of women. The arch is also relatively high which makes it a great choice for the women with high natural arches. Moreover, the midsole and arch have in- built shock absorption pads in the jelly comfort insole that offers comfort and full support all day long. In regard to the weight, the outsole is especially light for an easy navigation on hospital floors. The lightweight feature also helps to take off unnecessary strain from the hips, knee, and back.

Finding the best women’s nursing shoes shouldn’t be a difficult task for you. There are many types of women shoes that are fit for nurses. These shoes are made from high-quality premium materials. The above-listed shoes are very famous amongst many customers nowadays based on the positive reviews that they have received online. You will certainly be able to feel more comfortable when you use any of these popular women’s shoes.

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